You could be eligible to get £691 if you have mental health issues

Brits struggling with their mental health could be eligible for hundreds of pounds in financial support each month. Here are the details about who qualifies and how to apply.

You could be eligible to get £691 if you have mental health issues
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You could be eligible to get £691 if you have mental health issues

New research from the Mental Health Foundation shows that more than one million adults across Scotland alone have experienced levels of anxiety disrupting them from living normal lives. This information was revealed ahead of Mental Health Awareness Week running May 15-21, with the charity raising the alarm about the impact mental health issues have on people.

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Not everyone is aware that financial help is available for Brits who struggle.

Following the annual benefits uprating in April, a successful claim for Adult Disability Payment (ADP) or Personal Independence Payment (PIP) is worth between £26.90 and £172.75 each week in additional support.

As the benefit is paid every four weeks, this amounts to between £107.60 and £691.00 every month.

You can get paid if mental health problems interfere with your daily life

More than 3.2 million Brits are claiming disability benefits from the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP), according to the latest statistics from January 2023.

There are 1.2million people who are eligible for PIP for a 'Psychiatric Disorder' and this accounts for 37% of all claimants.

More than 319,000 of them live in Scotland and receive Adult Disability Payment (ADP) and Personal Independence Payment (PIP) worth as much as £619 each month.

'Psychiatric Disorder' is an umbrella term used by DWP as the main category of disabling condition recorded at the time of application, which also includes subcategories and then specific health conditions.

The statistics indicate an increase in the number of people claiming support based on a 'Psychiatric Disorder'.

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Here is how to apply for mental health support

Despite anxiety being very common, more than four in 10 adults (44%) kept their feelings secret, which means that nearly half are still uncomfortable talking about their mental health struggles.

If you have daily living or mobility needs as a result of a mental health condition, you may be eligible for PIP or ADP and should consider making a claim to the DWP.

If you have had difficulties with daily living or getting around (or both) for 3 months and expect them to continue for at least 9 months, you shouldn’t delay reaching out to them.

DWP will assess your home situation and look at whether you can manage your daily routine and basic chores safely, how long it takes you, how often your condition affects this activity and whether you need help to do it, from a person or using extra equipment.

DWP has recently announced a change in the way you’ll be getting accessed, find out how it will affect you.

PIP and ADP are usually paid every four weeks unless you are terminally ill, in which case it is paid weekly. It will be paid directly into your bank, building society or credit union account.

You can make a new claim by contacting the DWP, you will find all the information you need to apply on the GOV.UK website here.

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Health conditions that will most likely qualify you to get £691 revealed Health conditions that will most likely qualify you to get £691 revealed