This woman discovers a beehive of 50,000 bees in her daughter's bedroom wall

This woman's daughter claimed she could hear 'monsters' in her bedroom walls. What she discovered next made her skin crawl.

woman makes terrifying discovery daughter bedroom wall bees
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woman makes terrifying discovery daughter bedroom wall bees

TW: apiphobia

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All children have once experienced the strange feeling of being convinced there was a monster in their room, most often under their bed. To soothe her daughter, this woman went to check her daughter's bedroom walls. However, her discovery gave her cold sweats. Are you ready to find out?

Her daughter could hear 'monsters' in her bedroom

The woman reported her experience on her TikTok account, which has now amassed 9.1 millions views, leaving all her followers feeling deeply disturbed. Ashley, the mother, wrote five simple words as her caption, and they were enough to spike people's curiosity.

What nightmares are made of.

Ashley's daughter had been complaining of hearing 'monsters' in her bedroom, which caused her mother to go and check. When she entered the room, she could also hear some strange noises coming from behind one of the walls.

She tore down the wall and discovered a terrifying sight

Using a thermal camera, Ashley found a heat signature coming from behind the wall. As she also started to be scared, she tore down the bedroom wall and stumbled upon a scene straight out of a horror film. Indeed, the 'monsters' were actually 50,000 bees, as we can see on her TikTok videos.

On the video, we can see a clip of a massive hole in the wall, surrounded by thousands of buzzing bees, which didn't fail to make viewers react. While some people found it disgusting, especially those who suffer from apiphobia, others asked Ashley for a follow-up on her discovery. To their delight, she obliged and published another video, entitled 'Saver of bees', which shows her efforts to rid the room of the insects but also her attempts to save them, as they are essential to our ecosystem. Ashley explained:

Beekeeper removed 20,000 bees and 100+ lbs (45kg) of honeycomb from the wall. He found the queen and is able to safely take the hive to a new home.

The honeycomb had to be 'triple-bagged' as it was so heavy. Later on, another 20,000 bees were taken from the house and taken to safety. An expert then sealed off the wall to prevent the experience from repeating itself, and also save the family from being stung. When asked about how she didn't notice the bees settling in her home, Ashley answered:

It only takes a couple bees and a swarm that you might not be able to see to become a colony that’s 50,000 bees.

What nighthmares are made of #bees#toddlersoftiktok#toddlers

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