This Woman Woke Up from A Coronavirus Coma To Discover She Was Pregnant

All the news we’ve been hearing recently have been very bleak and distressing. However, among all the bad news, there have been a few rather exciting stories. And the story about this 33-year-old woman is a perfect example of that.

Covid test
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Covid test

Her name is Danielle Martin. On March 30, she started to feel unwell, so she went to the hospital where they confirmed that she had pneumonia and tested positive for COVID-19.

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They admitted her to hospital and, as her husband revealed, she was put into isolation and monitored. She was able to communicate with him every day and sent him photos of what she was eating and how she was being treated.

One day, he didn’t receive any photos. Overnight, her situation had worsened and doctors had transferred her to the ICU where she was put into a medically induced coma so that they could treat her.

Fortunately, she managed to beat the virus and when her situation improved, she was moved back to the ward. But this day was happy for another reason as well.

Danielle hadn’t just managed to overcome the COVID-19 virus, but she and her husband also found out that she was 9 weeks pregnant with not just one baby, but two. So not only did she beat the virus, but they are now also expecting twins!

Check out the video above for the full story as well as to see the happy soon-to-be mother!

Woman gives birth while in coma after contracting Covid-19 Woman gives birth while in coma after contracting Covid-19