This woman gave birth to two children in two days in the rarest of pregnancies: 'Miracle babies'

A mother gave birth to two babies in two days after discovering she had a double uterus. Here's everything you need to know.

woman gives birth to twins two days apart
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woman gives birth to twins two days apart

This festive season, an incredible story unfolded in the United States. A woman with a double uterus gave birth to two babiesin two days, reports the BBC. This rarest of pregnancies, with each baby developing in a separate uterus, has inevitably caused quite a stir.

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A birth like no other

At her first ultrasound, Kelsey Hatcher learned that she was pregnant with twins, but in each separate uterus. This situation, known as a cavitary pregnancy, is extraordinarily rare, with chances estimated at 'one in a million' according to the University Hospital of Alabama. The young woman, already the mother of three children, lived through this extraordinary experience with great courage.

After a first vaginal delivery on December 19, Kelsey Hatcher experienced contractions for the second baby while breastfeeding the first. A Caesarean section was then performed, enabling the birth of the second baby ten hours later. The good news is that both babies and the mother, are now doing well.

Are the babies twins?

The two little girls, although technically considered twins, each had their 'own space' in their mother's two separate wombs.

A University Hospital staff member stated:

Ultimately, they were two babies in one womb simultaneously. They just had different 'apartments'

The mother, meanwhile, spoke emotionally about the situation:

It's a good thing they had two birthdays.They both had their own 'home', and now they both have their own birth stories.

She also called her children 'miracle babies' on Instagram as she wrote:

Our miracle babies were born! They decided they were rare enough statistically that they should just go ahead and have their own birthdays too.

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