These boys helped their mother give birth at home, and nurses couldn't believe it

The end of the year was like no other for this family. Indeed, two teenage boys aged 14 and 16 helped their mother give birth at home.

teenage boys help mother give birth home stories
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teenage boys help mother give birth home stories

They'll remember it for a long, long time. And they'll be able to recount this adventure every year, to remember a moment like no other. We'll tell you all about it. On October 24, in the Moselle town of Hettange-Grande, France, a 42-year-old woman named Aurélie went into labor. Her third child was due in the middle of the night.

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The children managed everything well

The birth was normally scheduled for the following morning, with an induction at the maternity hospital in Briey, thirty minutes away, as explained in Le Parisien. But the baby decided to arrive earlier than planned. The mother explains:

My body was twisted with pain as the contractions intensified, and I was beginning to experience moments of confusion.

So, what to do? Taken by surprise, she had to give birth at home. And to do this, the emergency services didn't have time to arrive. So she was helped by... her two grown-up boys, Axel and Lenny, aged 16 and 14 respectively. They intervened by reassuring their mother and calling the fire department and the father, who was out at that time.

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The nurses couldn't believe it

The rescue team can guide the teenagers by telephone. The instructions were followed to the letter, and the baby soon arrived after the mother's water broke. Very soon, the baby, a little boy, shows up. All went well, and the fire department arrived a few minutes later, after the father. The healthy newborn is called Clarence, weighing 2.920 kg and measuring 49 cm.

After this 'exceptional moment', the mother went to the maternity ward. She explains what happened next:

The nurses thought I was arriving to give birth. I told them, 'No, the baby's already here! They couldn't believe it, and explained to us how rare it was for children to contribute to the birth of their little brother.

Axel and Lenny were congratulated by both parents and the medical profession. It was also an opportunity for the mother to offer a final surprise: her dad was born in exactly the same place as Clarence. The story comes full circle.

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Source : Le Parisien

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