Woman gives birth to a 14-pound baby after having suffered 19 miscarriages 'Oh my God, he's huge!'

In Arizona, a mother gave birth to her third child on October 4, 2021. The newborn weighed over 6 kg and 60 cm. A record for the maternity hospital.

woman birth baby story
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woman birth baby story

On October 4, 2021, Arizona-based couple Cary and Tim Patonai welcomed their third child, Finnley. And when he was born, the little boy weighed 6.35 kg and measured 60 cm. His weight broke the maternity record at Banner Thunderbird Medical Center.

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A record for the maternity unit

With a C-section scheduled for October 5, Cary Patonai was pleasantly surprised when her water broke the day before, during her last ultrasound. The medical team had estimated the baby boy's weight at 6.26 kg. The mum spoke to Fox 10:

The doctors said, 'Oh, the ultrasound could be wrong. He probably won't weigh that much'.

The operation took place on October 4, and when the doctors saw the baby, they could hardly hide their amazement.

As soon as they pulled him out, they were saying, 'Oh my God, he's huge!' Everyone was shouting that they'd never seen a baby that big and couldn't believe it.

Her obstetrician also explained that he had never delivered a baby so big. The couple's other two boys weighed 3.63 kg for Devlen (now 12) and 5.03 kg for Everett (4) when they were born.

The newborn then became a star in the maternity ward.

Finnley was a little celebrity at the hospital. The nurses and doctors talked about him all the time. He's also very tall, measuring 60.325 cm. The fact that the doctors do this every day and want to take a picture with you and your baby, while I'm lying there being stitched up, is pretty funny.

He is here! My water broke yesterday on 10/4/21 at my dr appt as I was getting weighed. I was excited because i haven't...

Posted by Cary Patonai on Tuesday, October 5, 2021

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19 miscarriages

After his birth, the little boy had to spend several days in a neonatal intensive care unit. It was a complicated time for the mother of the family, who recounts having suffered 19 miscarriages in the past due to her health problems. Cary Patonai confides that she suffers from fibroids and a problem with her blood, which promotes the formation of clots.

It reminded me of my 19 miscarriages, when I had to leave the hospital without a baby. I knew it was for a good reason and that he was receiving excellent care, but it was very difficult to deal with emotionally.

She told Fox News:

I think it's important for people to know that there is hope behind all those closed doors and that they are not alone when going through their own baby trials. Every woman's journey is different, some easier and some more difficult. What's important is that we support each other with love, care and respect.

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