Everything You Need To Know: Your Baby At Two Months

A two-month-old baby is growing and gaining weight regularly. Ohmymag tells you the basics to know about this phase of your baby's development.

Everything You Need To Know: Your Baby At Two Months
Everything You Need To Know: Your Baby At Two Months

Your Baby At Two Months

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1. Weight: A two-month-old baby usually weighs between 4.6 and 4.9 kg on average for a height of around 56/57 cm. However, each baby has their own growth rate.

In practice, a two-month-old boy is considered to be 'standard' if he weighs between 3.7 and 5.9 kg for a height between 52 and 59.5 cm.

For a two-month-old girl, the lower limit of weight is 3.7 kg and the upper limit is 5.5 kg. Size side, she should, ideally, measure between 52 and 60 cm.

2. Feeding a two-month-old baby: A two-month-old baby is always exclusively fed on milk, whether breast milk or bottle-feeding (infant formula, or breast milk extracted with a breast pump). Their appetite slowly begins to regulate, but they will still often ask to feed: they can eat every 3 hours, and they will often still wake up for the famous night feed (often around 2 am).

If you bottle feed, your pediatrician will tell you precisely how much milk to give baby knowing that in general, a two-month-old needs 700 to 800 ml of milk per day.

Also note: post-feed regurgitation is common in the two-month-old baby. It is a mild disorder, but do not hesitate to consult a pediatrician if baby has more marked symptoms (for instance if baby is irritable, cries after each feed, and regurgitates very often even long after feeds - in the middle of the night for example).

Baby may be suffering from GERD (gastroesophageal reflux disease). This is not serious, but steps must be taken to relieve baby quickly: it is often enough to thicken their milk to get everything back in order, but medications are necessary in some cases.

3. Sleeping patterns of a two-month-old baby: A two-month-old baby needs a lot of sleep: they will usually sleep 14 to 18 hours a day. At this age, some babies are already sleeping through the night, but in most two-month-old babies, the sleep cycle is still in full control, and they are not yet used to the day/night distinction.

Understand that they can wake up several times a night for various reasons: to feed, because they have been disturbed by a small digestive disorder which is common at this age (example: colic), or simply because they are not tired anymore. In practice, a two-month-old often has sleep cycles of 3-4 hours, interspersed with waking phases.

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