Everything You Need To Know: Five Months Pregnant

Starting your fifth month of pregnancy and wondering what stage of development your baby is at? Ohmymag tells you the basics of what happens between the 18th and the 22nd week of pregnancy.

Everything You Need To Know: Five Months Pregnant
Everything You Need To Know: Five Months Pregnant

The Fifth Month Of Pregnancy

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1. Baby's position: In the middle of the second trimester of pregnancy, your baby is doing their own thing! They will move and even give mum a few kicks! Your baby still has enough room to move as they wish, but it should not last very long. Rest assured, between each intensive session of moving, your future little one will sleep - for 20 hours a day.

Yes, sleep is essential for the fetus to complete the maturation of the brain and nervous system. At five months of pregnancy, all organs and structures essential to baby's survival are already in place. Their different senses are refined and their immune system develops.

2. Baby weight gain: Between the beginning and the end of the fifth month of pregnancy, the weight of the baby will oscillate between 400 and 650 g approximately for a size ranging from 23 to 30 cm.

For the expectant mother, it will likely now be difficult to hide her rounded belly. In general, a pregnant woman will have had a weight increase of 4-6 kg by the fifth month of pregnancy, although this is only an average. Indeed, weight gain often varies from one woman to another and depends, in particular, on their initial weight and many other parameters. But watch out for excessive weight gain because this can be a factor in the onset of gestational diabetes. That is why it is imperative to observe a healthy and balanced diet.

3. Baby's ultrasound: This is the most anticipated ultrasound for expectant parents: the morphological ultrasound! In pregnancy monitoring, this is the second ultrasound examination performed. Performed between the 21st and the 23rd week of amenorrhea, this ultrasound allows to check the fetal development according to precise biometric measurements of the different organs. This is why it is called 'morphological', unlike the first, which, for its part, does not allow to distinguish so many details. It is also at this stage that any chromosomal or placental abnormalities will show up.

This is also the moment when the parents will be able to find out, if they wish to, the sex of their baby. If you want to keep it as a surprise until the birth, do not forget to inform the sonographer beforehand!

Everything You Need To Know: Your Baby At Five Months Everything You Need To Know: Your Baby At Five Months