This pregnant woman kicked out of a restaurant because of her stomach

A restaurant in Marysville, United States, refused to serve this woman, and their excuse for it is unacceptable. After several media outlets covered the story, the restaurant had no choice but to apologize.

A Pregnant Woman Was Kicked Out Of A Restaurant
© Facebook: @Charisha Raylee Gobin
A Pregnant Woman Was Kicked Out Of A Restaurant

The young woman was shocked. She was about to walk into the Buzz Inn Steak House in Marysville, a restaurant in the United States when waiters denied her entry.

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A very unusual reason

One of the waiters explained to the young woman that her outfitdid not comply with the restaurant's rules, which read 'No shirt. No shoes. No service.'

The young woman was wearing a crop top that exposed her belly, and according to restaurant employees, her pregnant belly was too visible. Astonished, the woman took to Facebook where her post went viral:

I was just denied service at the Buzz Inn on State Avenue in Marysville for my outfit. I’m violating the health code.

Seeing as she was pretty far along in her pregnancy, herbellywas protruding quite a bit. However, this is just the amazing transformation the female body goes through when they carry another life inside of them.

Should she have been denied service solely because her stomach was sticking out due to pregnancy? We think this is a perfectly natural part of life, and people on social media agreed. One person even commented on a post stating:

I bet if that was a skinny lean stomach no one would have said a word.

Charisha Raylee Gobin was furious. According to the future mom, the waiters wouldn't have reacted the way they did if she weren'tpregnant.The restaurant chain ended up apologising to Charisha for the incident on Facebook, however, she does not plan on returning in the future.

You can see the pregnant woman's shocking testimony in the video above.

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