One woman’s stomach ache turned out to be something she never expected

A young woman named Cindy D was suffering from severe stomach pain but she never expected this to happen...

Stomach Ache
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Stomach Ache

Cindy D and Frank Z had been in a relationship for two years. Already parents to three children from previous marriages, the 39-year-old mother did not think she would get pregnant again anytime soon.

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One day, at work, she suddenly began to suffer from stomach pain. When she went back home, the cramps became more and more intense. So, her partner, Frank, decided to call an ambulance. Shortly after this, the couple became parents all over again...

A denial of pregnancy!

When the paramedics arrived, a strange shriek came out of the woman's trousers: 'As stupid as it sounds, something suddenly screamed out of my sweatpants,' said the mother. She had not noticed anything about her pregnancy:

Physically, everything was normal, I didn't even have a belly.

Her partner, Frank, adds:

We didn't plan to have more children, but now I'm glad we did.

Little Linda Sue weighed just 2 kilos but she was perfectly healthy!

Pregnancy denial is more common than we think. At 20 weeks of pregnancy, it can be found in 1 out of 475 women. But this number steadily drops to 1 out of 2,500 women, up until delivery. The denial can appear as a psychotic or non-psychotic form and can include frank denial, suspicion of pregnancy without being fully aware of it, and complete knowledge of pregnancy with denial and concealment of the fact.

There can be several complications from pregnancy denial, the most extreme being delivery of a baby when alone and unassisted, but luckily things seemed to turn out well for Cindy and Frank!

Check out the video above for the full details on this story...

This woman’s ‘pregnancy’ turned out to be something much worse This woman’s ‘pregnancy’ turned out to be something much worse