A woman learns she has two vaginas while in labor

Brittany Jacobs, then aged 25, learned during childbirth that she had not one, but two vaginas. Here's what happened to her!

This woman made a shocking discovery when in labour
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This woman made a shocking discovery when in labour

For many years, Brittany was in a lot of pain. During that timeshe went to the doctors several times but no one was able to help her identify the root of her suffering. It took this young American almost 25 years and giving birth to her first child to learn she had two vaginas. Let us explain how it went!

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25 years to learn the truth

When she was a teenager, Brittany could feel something wasn't right with her body: every month she experienced intense menstrual pain. Eager to find out what that was happening the young woman consulted numerous doctors in desperate search for relief, but no one was ever able to give her a diagnosis. She ended seeing her pain as something normal and something she had to learn to live with it.

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Only when Brittany became pregnant did the doctors found out what had been the source of her pain all along.

She explains to Truly Media:

I was traumatized toknow that I had come this far in life, with so many people looking in and not noticing. I felt very neglected as a patient

A risky pregnancy

Didelphic uterus, commonly known as the 'double uterus', can cause complications during pregnancy. The risk of an unsuccessful pregnancy is high.

This is one of the rarest anomalies, affecting only 0.3% of people worldwide. These people therefore have two vaginas, two uteruses and two cervixes.

When Brittany was about to give birth, her doctors alerted her to the fact that she had two separate genitalia. During her pregnancy, the pain of contractions was doubled. In her misfortune, she says she was lucky not to have known about her condition while trying to get pregnant.

Fortunately, because I didn't know, I wasn't afraid of getting pregnant

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This woman’s ‘pregnancy’ turned out to be something much worse This woman’s ‘pregnancy’ turned out to be something much worse