Mother takes her 12-year-old daughter out of school to become an influencer

Influencer and mother Kat Clark has announced that she is taking her daughter out of school so that she can become an influencer too.

influencer mother daughter school unusual
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influencer mother daughter school unusual

At a time when influencers dominate social networks, Kat Zoe Clark, a 37-year-old influencer with 5.2 million subscribers on TikTok, wants her children to follow in her footsteps. As a mother of two, she decided to take her youngest daughter, aged 12, out of school. According to the American tiktok celebrity, her daughter Deja is already a budding influencer, whom she showcases on social networks.

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Kat takes 12-year-old daughter out of school to become an influencer

The influencer mum took to her social networks to announce her surprising choice to pull her daughter out of school.

Deja is starting to get opportunities now, so 9am to 3pm school, Monday to Friday, doesn't work for us because we've already had to pull her out of school quite often. We think it's better for her, simply because we don't want her to miss out on these opportunities. TikTok takes up a lot of our time. It's exactly what works for our family.

Starting next year, the 12-year-old will leave school and be home-schooled. However, Kat is keen to reassure her subscribers and assures them that if Deja doesn't like this lifestyle or encounters any difficulties, she will return to school the following year.


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A divisive choice

Deja's mother explained:

If Deja wants to become a doctor or a lawyer, we'll encourage her to pursue her dreams. But right now, those aren't her goals. Deja hates school. She's very smart, but she doesn't like it at all. We're ready to work with her no matter what.
Honestly, I love working closely with my girls. It's so much fun, it's like working with your best friends!

Many Internet users were highly critical of Kat's choice, and didn't hesitate to trash her in the comments. For some, it's inconceivable to take a child out of school for an unstable career that's still developing. Fortunately, the influencer was able to count on the support of her caring community. Some of her subscribers defended Kat's choice:

As a high school teacher, I think it's totally fine! Why force a child to stay in school if it's not for them?
I would 100% give my child the choice to drop out of school if they were mature enough.

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