2-year-old boy becomes a millionaire after his parents die in a mass shooting

Aiden McCarthy, a two-year-old boy whose parents were killed in a mass shooting in Highland, America, amasses $3 million in funds for his future.

While the debate on the carrying of weapons was reignited in the United States following the terrible mass shooting which took place in a school in Texas, another shooting took place a few days later near Chicago. During the celebrations of the American national holiday on July 4, 2022, a shooter named Robert Crimo open fired in Highland Park, killing 7 people in total. Among them, were Irina and Kevin McCarthy.

Aiden McCarthy saved by the sacrifice of his father

Aiden was found roaming alone after the shooting. His grandfather revealed that it was actually Aiden’s father who saved his life. Present alongside his parents at the time of their death, the child miraculously survived the gunman's attack, before being taken to safety by residents.

Michael Levberg, the father of the late Irina McCarthy and Aiden’s grandfather explained to the local newspaper Chicago Sun-Times that Kevin McCarthy died protecting his son.

Nearly $3 million raised for Aiden McCarthy

Irina Colon, a distant relative of Irina McCarthy created an online fundraising profile to raise donations for the orphaned toddler.

As per NBC News, the GoFundMe page raised more than $3 million for the little boy. Irina said:

It’s overwhelming… People are donating not just money. They’re donating everything, like their time, babysitting, wipes, everything. They’re just reaching out, like: ‘What can we do? How can we help?’ I can’t keep up with the messages. I have probably 1,000 messages in my inbox.

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