Joe Biden urges stricter gun laws after multiple mass shootings in USA

Gun violence in the USA is at a worrying level with multiple mass shootings happening across many states. This is what Joe Biden said regarding this.

This is what Joe Biden had to say about the gun violence in USA
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This is what Joe Biden had to say about the gun violence in USA

It wasn’t that long ago when a mass shooting in Uvalde, US, took the lives of 19 innocent children and 2 teachers. Mass shootings in America are becoming excessively frequent. The Washinton Post reported more than 240 mass shootings this year alone with at least 33 of them targeted at elementary schools.

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Multiple mass shootings in America

Over the past week, more than 5 mass shootings took place across multiple states across the US. As reported by The New York Times, 3 people died and 12 more were injured as a result of a fight between two men. The men were having an aggressive argument and then began shooting. Multiple shootings took place within a few days of each other. Chattanooga, Tennessee also witnessed a horrific shooting outside a bar which left 3 dead and 14 injured.

In addition to this, residents of Phoenix, Chester, Virginia, and South Carolina also witnessed multiple victims dead or injured, some of them were children. What is the reason for all of these mass shootings?

Joe Biden makes a statement

US President Joe Biden addressed the grave shooting that occurred in Uvalde on June 2nd. As per CNN, he urged Congress members for stricter laws on owning guns. The speech took place at the White House Cross Hall, he said:

We must at least raise the age to be able to purchase one to 21… For the children we've lost, the children we can save, for the nation we love, let's hear the call and the cry. Let's meet the moment. Let us finally do something.

However, he has yet to comment on the multiple shootings that took place over the past few days.

Surprisingly, it was noticed that the state of Texashas stricter laws on adult toys in comparison to guns. As shared by NRA-ILA, the state of South Carolina requires no ‘Permit to Purchase’, no ‘Permit to Purchase’ and no ‘Licensing of Owners’ in order to possess rifles, shotguns, and handguns.

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