Donald Trump makes claim that Joe Biden is ‘quitting the race’ in leaked video

In a new leaked video, Donald Trump is seen trashing Vice President Kamala Harris as he claims that Joe Biden has quit the election race.

Donald Trump leaked golf buggy video 'Biden has quit the race' claims
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Donald Trump leaked golf buggy video 'Biden has quit the race' claims

The US 2024 election game is as uncertain as it can be right now. After Donald Trump and Joe Biden’s first presidential debate on June 27, polls have shifted to Trump taking a lead over Biden. This comes as most people feel that Trump outperformed Biden in the debate and concerns of him being ‘too old’ for office become more prominent.

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The US president is now trying his best to recover from the damaging effects of his first presidential debate. He gave a speech from the White House after the Supreme Court’s immunity ruling and appeared to be energetic. However, in a leaked video of Trump the former POTUS claims that Biden has already quit the race.

Donald Trump makes unfounded claim that Joe Biden has quit

In a new leaked video of Donald Trump, the 78-year-old is seen telling someone that Joe Biden has quit the race. He made the comment in a clip on his Truth Social site while sitting in a gold buggy, reports Sky News. Trump is seen telling the person holding the camera that he did amazing in the debate and criticized Biden by saying:

Look at that old, broken-down pile of crap.


He just quit, you know—he’s quitting the race. I got him out of the—and that means we have Kamala [Harris].

The Republican candidate didn’t hold back in trashing Kamala and labeling her ‘pathetic.’ He said:

I think she's going to be better [jokingly]. She's so pathetic, she's so f*cking bad.

Trump added that in comparison to all the other world leaders, Biden stands nowhere and will be unable to handle them, reveals The Daily Beast. Trump claimed:

Can you imagine that guy dealing with Putin? And the president of China—who’s a fierce person. He’s a fierce man, very tough guy. And they see him.

Before driving off in his buggy, he reiterated:

But they just announced he’s probably quitting. Just keep knocking him out, huh?

Is Joe Biden quitting the US 2024 election race?

Despite the bold claims made by Trump in the video, President Biden has shown no signs of backing out of quitting. Instead, the 81-year-old is more active than ever to revive his image after the debate. Biden’s campaign has denied that he is stepping down. The president met with 24 Democratic governors at the White House on Wednesday night and tried to reassure them he’s not quitting. He said:

I'm not leaving. I'm in this race to the end.

Additionally, White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre told reporters on Wednesday that the president is ‘absolutely not’ even considering it.

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