Donald Trump goes after Joe Biden in election speech after success on Super Tuesday

Super Tuesday in the USA has probably set the course: Donald Trump is celebrating his success lavishly and is not sparing in his criticism of Joe Biden.

Donald Trump attack Joe Biden election speech USA
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Donald Trump attack Joe Biden election speech USA

After winning most of the states that voted on Super Tuesday, Donald Trump appeared before his supporters. At his residence in Mar-a-Lago,Florida, he gave an impassioned speech afterwards.

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Criticism of Joe Biden

The 77-year-old mainly criticized the Democrats' policies:

What's happening with inflation is unbelievable.

Trump claims that the economy is doing badly, although current economic data in the US actually shows the opposite relatively clearly.

Gross domestic product (GDP) grew by 3.3% in the fourth quarter of 2023. This was not expected by experts. However, he is at least partly right about one thing, according to t-online:

Our surveys are so much better than Joe Biden's.

Head-to-head race

According to the latest surveys, Trump is currently just ahead of his Democratic rival. However, according to t-online, six months before the actual presidential election, it is a real neck-and-neck race between Joe Biden and the Republican.

In his speech, Trump sketches a bleak picture of America. He is quoted by the Daily Mail with these pithy words:

We're not respected right now our country is known as a joke. It's a joke. Other leaders ... can't believe what happened to us because three years ago we were the most respected country anywhere in the world by far.

With the momentum of his success on Super Tuesday, Trump immediately announced that he is eager to win the presidency, according to t-online. He made ambitious promises to his voters and, according to the Daily Mail, hinted at a kind of political program:

There's going to be a big, fat future for a lot of people, and a lot of money. We're going to be the biggest economic power in history, we're going to be energy dominant, we're going to pay down the debt that we have.
We're going to reduce taxes, we're going to have even more revenue. Everyone will have jobs and everyone will be proud of our country. If we lose the election, we won't have a country anymore.

The issue of immigration in particular seems to be close to his heart - it is obviously also a concern for voters. In his speech, Trump addressed the issue several times and promised great things here too. He talked about wanting to 'close borders' and 'throw criminals out'.

The immigration history of Trump's own family stands in striking contrast to some of the political positions he holds, particularly his strict stance on immigration issues. Donald Trump's family roots reflect the immigrant background that is typical of many Americans. His ancestors come mainly from Germany and Scotland.

Immigration policy is and remains a central and often controversial topic in American politics - and Donald Trump knows how to use this skillfully for himself and his election campaign.

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