Donald Trump: UBC Professor discusses the former President's apparent 'cognitive decline'

While Donald Trump repeatedly makes fun of his political opponent Joe Biden, he is also increasingly being criticized for mix-ups or slips of the tongue. One professor is now even talking about 'cognitive decline'.

Trump's alleged 'cognitive decline'
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Trump's alleged 'cognitive decline'

In recent weeks, Donald Trump has been repeatedly accused of not being suitable for another term in office as US President due to his age. However, Professor Paul Quirk from the University of British Columbia also doubts Joe Biden's ability to take on another term.

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'Biden's age less of a problem'

It is public knowledge that Donald Trump regularly makes negative comments about Joe Biden on Instagram and repeatedly makes fun of him there. The current US president, on the other hand, seems to avoid verbal low blows (at least in public).

Biden is often the target of Trump's mockery because the 81-year-old stumbles or misspeaks. Time and again, however, Donald Trump has to put up with the accusation that heis no longer in top mental form, with some even suspecting that he is already suffering from the onset of dementia. Politics professor Paul Quirk has now made similar comments about Trump's condition.

As the Dailymail reports, Quirk sees a possible win by Joe Biden as the lesser of two evils:

From the standpoint of the campaign, Biden's age should be less of an issue than Trump's more apparent cognitive decline - displayed in slurred speech and gross, repeated errors in one campaign rally after another.

Kamala Harris is ready to step in

In Quirk's interview with Newsweek, however, it also becomes clear that Joe Biden is not necessarily the ideal candidate:

The legitimate concern about Biden's age is that by the end of a second term, he would be almost five years older than he is now.There is obvious potential for serious cognitive failure by then. And if it occurred, the real danger is that Biden would fail to recognize it, and refuse to let his vice president take over.

One thing is for sure: US Vice President Kamala Harris is prepared for an emergency. The 59-year-old told the Wall Street Journal earlier this month that she is 'ready to serve, there's no doubt about it'.

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