Donald Trump: The Former President defends himself after he was seen freezing during a speech

Donald Trump is in the middle of his presidential election campaign and this has its consequences. Indeed, already heavily scrutinized, the 77-year-old is being watched more closely than ever.

Donald Trump freezes during speech election
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Donald Trump freezes during speech election

The rumours that Donald Trump - but also President Biden - could be suffering from cognitive disorders persist. On top of whispers from internet users, a psychologist recently commented on Trump's alleged dementia, noting that the former President 'knows this is serious'.

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Even more recently, at a campaign event, the 45th US president once again displayed strange behaviour. This time is has to do with a long, uncalled for, pause during a speech... Here's everything you should know.

Trump falls silent in the middle of a speech

On Saturday 18 May 2024, Donald Trump gave a speech at the NRA (National Rifle's Association) annual meeting in Dallas, Texas—an event and association often associated with members of the Republican Party and the Party in itself. As usual, part of Trump's speech was about his main opponent: 77-year-old Joe Biden.

But then things got a little unusual. The former real estate mogul stopped speaking for a whole 30 seconds. He made his familiar mouth movements, shaking his head slightly in between. Music can be heard in the background. Did the teleprompter fail? Had it dropped out? Was it supposed to be an dramatic pause? Questions upon questions, and a real issue for Trump in his already difficult presidential election campaign.

According to Trump, this behaviour is 'standard'

After the first reports and posts about his glitch were published, Trump fired back personally via his Truth Social. In it, he blamed the Biden camp for this coverage which he believes was done in order to discredit him. He also speculated the reason why they could have done it. He wrote:

The reason they came up with this Disinformation is that Biden freezes all the time, can’t put two sentences together, and can rarely find his way off the stage without help.
Donald Trump doesn’t freeze! It is a MADE UP Biden Campaign story, put out in a dying Newspaper that I never heard of, and every Reporter knows it, including the large group that was there…

Moreover, according to his post, the '30 to 60 second period of silence' is 'standard' practice especially when they use music. Incidentally, the music he chose was also used by the QAnon conspiracy theorists.

When it's not a rally, it's the courtroom

Donald Trump is known for his strange behaviour. This is visible now more than ever as the 45th US president currently attends court most days as he is the defendant in criminal proceedings concerning alleged hush money payments. During court proceeding Trump was caught seemingly nodding off.

Psychologists and journalists also regularly analysethe US-American's 'absurd behaviour' in court. Repeatedly, Trump chooses to violate court-ordered gag orders, to threaten judges and their relatives outside the courtroom and has even been spotted looking at photos of crowds attending his rallies during the trial.

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