Donald Trump keeps on falling asleep: A psychologist says it is 'serious' and a sign of dementia

Donald Trump is currently part of a historic court process as the first US President to be the defendant in a criminal trial. As such, his behaviour is being scrutinised and, unfortunately for him, he hasn’t been doing great…

Donald Trump #SleepyDon dementia
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Donald Trump #SleepyDon dementia

Since running for President and winning in 2016, Donald Trump has probably become the most famous US President. Indeed, the man seems to be addicted to making headlines. Whether it’s for his passionate and sometimes confused speeches or his many legal woes, Trump never fails to do something worth talking about.

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In April 2024, the criminal trial for alleged hush payments to adult film star, Stormy Daniels, started and the 45th President of the US’s behaviour has been less than perfect. First of all, Trump continues to defy the judge which, on 30 April, cost him $9000 in fine. Then, his defiance is now forcing the judge to consider placing him in jail for contempt of court. Finally, the former President was spotted dozing off in the middle of court proceedings.

It is the latter that interests us today as a psychologist has exclusively spoken to Mirror about it.

Donald Trump keeps falling asleep

On 16 April 2024, we reported on the trending X hashtag #SleepyDon. Indeed, the day prior, the former President was seen seemingly falling asleep by two New York Times journalists.

Of course, almost immediately, X users started making fun of Trump. However, though the situation was funny the first time around, it is now something that keeps occurring. Mirror reports that Trump seemed to have had issues staying awake on five separate days of the court proceedings.

The first time he was caught by the New York Times journalists, Trump was reportedly fuming but the following morning he did it again… and once more a few days laters.

A psychologist reacts

Dr. John Gartner exclusively spoke to Mirror and his reaction to Trump’s sleepiness is not the most reassuring. He explains:

To uncontrollably fall asleep during the day is something that's very common among patients with dementia.

According to the specialist, the fact that Trump ‘can’t control’ his sleepiness is a clear sign of the condition. Moreover, Dr. Gartner highlights how striking it is that the man falls asleep during court. It is true that, usually, being accused of criminal behaviour and being threatened with jail tends to keep people awake. For the psychologist, the falling asleep now ‘begs for an explanation.’

Dr. Gartner continues on the same note:

The natural stress response of adrenaline is one that, even if we're exhausted, it gives us another boost of energy. So, anybody who's in that position, you could see why it would be so unusual for them to fall asleep.

Trump has a bigger problem

The specialist goes on and alleges that the former President is aware that him falling asleep is a sign of a bigger problem. Dr. Gartner states:

He knows this is serious

The psychiatrist also analyses the situation this way: it is becoming proof of Trump’s biggest fear — looking weak. An optic that the man can’t really afford since he is running for reelection against a man who he regularly calls Sleepy Joe.

Gartner also reacted to another rumour about Trump while in court: he allegedly passes gas. Naturally, this has amused many people online but for the expert this is yet another sign that something is clinically wrong with Donald Trump.

The two symptoms put together ‘would suggest that he's losing control over his basic bodily functions - sleep, wake, excretion.’ If Dr. Garner’s diagnosis is correct, things aren’t going to get better and it will ‘keep exposing itself in more and more uncontrollable ways’.

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