Donald Trump: Observers concerned as ex-President appears to drag his leg in new video

The politician has faced speculation over his physical wellbeing.

Donald Trump health concerns
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Donald Trump health concerns

Donald Trump has been at the centre of many dramas recently, mostly involving his legal challenges or behaviour in the presidential race. There have also been concerns about Trump’s mental stability as the politician has made many comments that seem particularly outlandish or simply don’t make sense. While this sort of criticism was once more focused on his opponent Joe Biden, who turned 81 last year, Trump's age is now becoming more of a topic of conversation. The businessman is 77, and will celebrate his 78th birthday in summer.

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Recently, the former POTUS caused a stir with his controversial 'bloodbath' comment. However, now Trump is back under the media’s microscope as his physical health is being brought into question. A recent video of the politician dancing on stage has been circulating online. Here’s why everyone is talking about the politician’s right leg.

Donald Trump’s right leg

A video of Trump has been doing the rounds on social media and gathering a lot of interest from viewers. The clip was posted to X by Trump critic Ron Filipkowski, who is the editor-in-chief of the independent news network MeidasTouch. In it, Trump can be seen ‘dancing’ with his fists clenched in front of a cheering crowd. Then he exits the stage, gripping onto the handrails for support.

At first, people commented on Trump’s moves in the video as his dancing is a little awkward. But Filipowski’s caption brought viewers’ attention to something else:

Something is definitely going on with his right leg. He's been dragging it for months. This weekend…

Since, many people have thrown their two cents into the conversation.

Comments about Trump’s leg

Many X users have taken to the platform to share their thoughts. One user asked: ‘He gripped that stair rail for life didn't he?’.

It’s true that Trump slams his hand into the handrail in the video, but this could be seen as part of the over-the-top jovial show he was putting on. @SisyphusUnleas said this is not the first time Trump’s leg has seemed stiff in footage. However, they mentioned his left leg:

I have noted this before. His left leg has no lateral movement. It only points forward. He can't turn that ankle.

It is unclear whether this is a mistake, or whether the ex-President's left leg has also caused concern in the past. Another user, @Fox829583Fox, rather savagely wrote:

Hey! What’s wrong with Trumps Right leg? I’m sure his heart is working overtime carrying all that weight, he is a ticking time bomb!

While others have pointed to a stroke as the cause of this seeming stiffness, none of these theories have been confirmed. Trump is always keen to appear rock-solid when it comes to his health, so it seems unlikely that he will reveal much in the run-up to the 2024 presidential election.

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