Donald Trump: Who is Margo Martin? The ex-president's comms chief labelled 'Melania lookalike'

The former president’s loyal and glamorous communications chief was spotted at his trial last week.

Donald Trump Melania Trump Margo Martin
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Donald Trump Melania Trump Margo Martin

Donald Trump has been making even more ink spill than usual over the last few months. His latest legal challenge is seeing him in court for hush money he allegedly paid to adult film star Stormy Daniels. All this has been going on while he carries out a presidential campaign for the 2024 election.

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The former president had his first day in court for the hush money trial on Monday 15 April. Trump’s wife Melania has attended more public events with her husbandsince her mother, for whom she had been caring, passed away in January. However, she was notably absent at court. Instead, Trump was accompanied by a woman who many have said bears more than a passing resemblance to his wife. Here’s everything you have to know about her.

Who is Margo Martin?

The stylish woman spotted with Trump is called Margo Martin, and she has worked closely with the former president for years. She was a press assistant at the White House while Trump was in office, and is one of the few staffers from this period who stayed on with Trump after his term ended. She is now a key part of his team, working as his communications chief.

A quick look at her Instagram shows that Martin, originally from Oklahoma, lives a glamorous life. The comms guru shares snaps of parties at Trump’s Mar-a-Lago home, spending time in private jets, and trips abroad to the likes of India and Scotland. She has accumulated 29,000 followers on the page, including some prominent political figures. The 28-year-old is a big fan of horse riding and golf - the latter being a passion shared with her boss.

Similarities to Melania

Melania is said to have privately stated that Trump’s current trial is ‘his problem’. Her presence, therefore, seems unlikely. However, Martin first came into the spotlight last year when a news anchor mistook her for Melania, during Trump’s arraignment in another case. Fox News’ John Roberts commented on Martin’s arrival at the United States Courthouse in Miami, saying: ‘We have some video that we want to play out here, Melania Trump entering the courthouse just a short time ago.’

Later, it became clear that Melania had been spotted exiting Trump Tower in New York while the case was going on and that the woman was obviously not her. Roberts later issued an apology, admitting ‘apparently that was not Melania’. He explained: ‘A day like today with so many comings and goings, it's easy from a distance to mistake two people.’

The rumour mill has, of course, suggested that Trump’s interest in Martin may not be purely professional. X user @RetiredHPD4 wrote:

Trump’s new squeeze Margo Martin, a lookalike but much younger version of Melania. Margo was in the courtroom with Trump yesterday while Melania was AWOL.

However, there is currently nothing to suggest that these claims have any credibility.

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