Donald Trump posts Valentine’s message to wife Melania

The Trumps have had a tough few days after Donald Trump Jr and his father were ridiculed for their online behaviour.

Donald Trump and Donald Trump Jr
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Donald Trump and Donald Trump Jr

When you think of Donald Trump, it probably doesn’t take long before you think of some of his most outrageous moments over the years. Indeed, many of these have taken place online as he’s bashed his opinions out on X and his very own Truth Social. It turns out that the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree as Donald Trump Jr has been facing massive backlash for a recent Instagram post involving a certain former President’s wife.

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And yet, this isn’t all: Donald Trump is also being called out for his latest online antics as he posted a Valentine’s message for his wife Melania. The ‘love letter’ gave fans the chance to send her a message and do another highly unromantic thing.

Here’s everything you need to know about the latest gobsmacking behaviour from this father-son duo.

Donald Trump’s Valentine message

Trump shared his love for Melania in a less-than-traditional way: he sent out a mass email, peppered with his trademark exclamation marks. The email contained his ‘love letter’ in which he stated that wouldn’t be who he is today without her ‘guidance, kindness, and warmth’:

Even after every single INDICTMENT, ARREST, and WITCH HUNT, you never left my side. You’ve always supported me through everything.
You will always mean the world to me, Melania! From your husband with love, Donald J. Trump.

The email gave recipients the option to send the former First Lady a message:

If you love Melania, I humbly ask you to leave her some kind words below!

However, that’s not the only surprising extra that the email contained. Right below this option, there was a section that gave recipients the option to send money to Trump’s presidential campaign. The amount could be chosen by the individual or they could opt for: $20.24 ‘if you’re supporting President Trump in 2024’ and $47 ‘if you think Donald J. Trump is the greatest president of all time’.

Users online have been quick to highlight how 'Trumpy' this move is, with the likes of @JamesSNYC calling the former President ‘beyond delusional’:

Melania never showed up for any of Trump’s arraignments or trials. Trump to Melania: “You never left my side.”

Melania has been notably absent over the former POTUS’ campaign, but this was in part due to her late mother’s ill health.

Donald Trump Jr’s ‘racist’ post

This comes just days after Donald Trump Jr - who has mimicked some of his father’s baffling behaviour in the past - faced a whole lot of backlash for an Instagram post. The former President’s son posted a snap of former Pittsburgh Steelers linebacker Levon Kirkland with the following:

found this rare Michelle Obama rookie card
Just a little Super Bowl nostalgia. LOL.

People were quick to pull him up for this, with several critics calling his post ‘racist’. Independent journalist Aaron Rupar took to X to state that there were ‘insane levels of racist misogyny on Don Jr.'s Instagram page’.

Trump Jr responded to the criticism, stating:

Deer [sic] fact checkers I'm told that this is a joke. So please treat it accordingly though I personally am not 100% sure.

Many have pointed out that the comparison may make reference to the baseless conspiracy theory that claims Michelle Obama is actually a man or a transgender woman. Professor C. Riley Snorton of English Language and Literature, Race, Diaspora and Indigeneity at the University of Chicago, told Newsweek that the inflammatory post belied a ‘disturbing linking of anti-Black and anti-trans rhetoric'.

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