Donald Trump: Here are all the women the former President has dated and married

Donald Trump has already shared his life with several women. We tell you who the women are.

Donald Trump love life
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Donald Trump love life

Donald Trump's love life is just as colorful and controversial as his career in real estate and politics. From glamorous marriages to public affairs and scandalous relationships, the former US president has always made headlines. His relationships with various women paint a picture full of intrigue, passion and media hype.

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Donald Trump's first wife: Ivana Trump

The relationship between Donald Trump and Ivana Trump is a story of rise, glamour, public scandals and an equally public end. It begins in the late 1970s, when Donald Trump was still at the beginning of his career in the real estate business and Ivana Zelníčková, a talented skier and model from what was then Czechoslovakia, was seeking her own way in the world.

Meeting and marriage

Ivana and Donald met in New York City in 1976. It was a time when Donald Trump was beginning to leave his footprint in the New York real estate world. Ivana, born Ivana Zelníčková, was an aspiring model at the time. They are said to have met at a party and both immediately felt a strong attraction to each other. This meeting eventually led to their marriage in 1977, an event that connected the two not only personally but also professionally. Ivana became a key figure in Donald's business empire, particularly in the field of hotel development.

Joint business and children

In the years that followed, Ivana and Donald Trump became a power couple in New York society. Together they worked on the development of some of Trump's most famous projects, including Trump Tower on Fifth Avenue in Manhattan and the Trump Plaza Hotel and Casino in Atlantic City. Ivana took on key management positions in these companies and contributed significantly to their success.

The couple had three children: Donald Jr, Ivanka and Eric, who all became involved in the family business and still play public roles within the Trump empire today.

Public life and divorce

However, Ivana and Donald's marriage was not without its problems. Their relationship, once considered a fairytale, began to show cracks in the late 1980s. The public scandal surrounding Donald's affair with Marla Maples, who would later become his second wife, eventually caused the marriage to break down. The very public and messy divorce in 1992 was a media spectacle that gave insight into Donald Trump's complicated and often controversial personal relationships.

After the divorce

After the divorce, Ivana led an independent life, developed her own business ventures and wrote several books. Despite the bitter separation, Ivana and Donald remained close to their children. Ivana even spoke positively about Donald's presidential candidacy and publicly supported him.

Ivana Trump's role in Donald's rise and fall in the early years of his career is undeniable. She was not only his wife and mother of his children, but also a business partner and advisor. Their relationship, from the beginning to the end, reflects the highs and lows of life in the spotlight, marked by success, scandal and eventual separation. Her influence on Donald Trump, both personally and professionally, is a significant part of his story.

Brief relationship with tennis star Gabriela Sabatini

Donald Trump's relationship with Gabriela Sabatini, the Argentinian tennis player, is a less illuminated chapter in the extensive chronicle of his personal relationships. In contrast to his marriages and some other well-known relationships, Trump's relationship with Sabatini was brief and came at a time when his image as a business tycoon and playboy was increasingly taking shape in the media.

Brief liaison in the spotlight

The relationship with Gabriela Sabatini took place around 1989, a time of business success and personal change in Trump's life. Sabatini, then an up-and-coming tennis player of international fame, was known for her accomplishments on the tennis court as well as her beauty and grace off it. Her connection to Trump was fleeting yet attracted press attention, reflecting both of their prominence in their respective fields.

The dynamics of their relationship

Little is known about the exact nature of their relationship and how deep it went. It appears that their union was more of a brief romance than a deep emotional connection. This fits the pattern of some of Trump's other relationships with famous women at the time, which were often short-lived and more about glamour and social status than a serious partnership.

The liaison with Sabatini came at a time when Trump's relationship with Ivana Trump, his first wife, was already showing cracks due to his affair with Marla Maples. The relationship with Sabatini could therefore have taken place at a time that was characterised by personal and media turmoil surrounding Trump, which may explain why it did not last long.

Public interest and speculation

The media reported with interest on Trump's relationship with Sabatini, not least because of the contrast between the rather reserved, athletically focused tennis player and the extroverted, dazzling real estate mogul. Despite the short existence of their relationship, they became part of the public speculation about Trump's love life, which even then was followed with suspicious eyes by the press and the public.

Aftermath and memories

Although the relationship between Trump and Sabatini is only a short chapter in both biographies, it is an example of Trump's pattern of relationships with famous and successful women. After their relationship ended, Sabatini successfully continued her career and cemented her status as one of the most important tennis players of her generation. Trump, on the other hand, deepened his profile as a public figure, businessman and later as a politician.

As with many aspects of Trump's relationships, much remains in the realm of speculation and personal interpretation, which only adds to the public's fascination with his complex and controversial love life.

Donald Trump's second marriage to Marla Maples

The relationship between Donald Trump and Marla Maples was surrounded by public interest and controversy from the beginning, not least because of the circumstances under which it began. This union, which eventually led to Trump's second marriage, was characterised by its public nature, the media attention and the drama that surrounded both its inception and its end.

Beginnings amid scandals

The relationship between Trump and Maples began in the late 1980s, while Trump was still married to his first wife Ivana. The affair became a public scandal when it was exposed in 1989, particularly after a confrontational encounter between Ivana and Marla on a ski slope in Aspen. This incident marked the beginning of the end of Trump's first marriage and led to a very public and messy divorce that dominated the headlines.

From affair to marriage

After divorcing Ivana in 1992, Trump married Marla Maples in a sensational ceremony in December 1993. Their marriage seemed to represent a turning point in Trump's personal life, away from the scandals that had previously defined their relationship. Together they had a daughter, Tiffany Trump, who was born in 1993.

Public life

During her marriage, Maples tried to establish her own public identity, including through acting and television appearances. However, her efforts to step out of her famous husband's shadow were only partially successful. The marriage has been the subject of public attention and speculation throughout, partly due to the circumstances leading up to it and partly due to Trump's growing profile as a businessman and public figure.

The separation

The relationship between Trump and Maples began to crumble in the mid-1990s, and the couple separated in 1997. Their divorce was finalized in 1999. The reasons for the split were varied, but reports suggest that differences in their lifestyles and goals played a role. Maples herself has indicated in interviews that she felt constricted in the marriage and sought more independence.

Aftermath and Maples' life after the divorce

After her divorce, Maples largely stayed out of the spotlight, although she continued to make occasional appearances on television programs and devote herself to social and spiritual projects. She has also spoken out on various issues concerning her relationship with Trump and appears to maintain a positive relationship with her daughter Tiffany and other members of the Trump family.

Marla Maples' relationship with Donald Trump remains a fascinating chapter in the former president's public history. Her story reflects many of the themes that characterise Trump's personal life: controversy, public interest, and the complex intermingling of personal relationships with public persona. Although their marriage ended, Maples' influence on Trump's life remains an important part of his biography, offering insight into his development as a businessman and as a public figure.

The relationship with model Rowanne Brewer Lane

The relationship between Donald Trump and Rowanne Brewer Lane, a former model, was a brief but media-acclaimed episode in Trump's colorful love life. Their romance began in the early 1990s, when Trump had just divorced his first wife Ivana and his relationship with Marla Maples was the talk of the town.

Rowanne Brewer Lane met Donald Trump at a party at Mar-a-Lago, Trump's estate in Palm Beach, Florida. The encounter took place at a time when Trump was already a prominent figure in the media, known for his wealth, his real estate empire and his relationships with women from show business and the fashion world. The relationship with Brewer Lane fit into this pattern, but became particularly well known because of the way it began.

According to Brewer Lane, she was asked by Trump at the party to borrow a swimsuit to attend the pool, a moment that was heavily discussed by the media and exemplifies Trump's personality and his treatment of women. Their relationship received attention in the gossip columns, but remained relatively brief and ended without moving on to a more serious or long-term relationship.

Despite the brevity of their relationship, Brewer Lane later reflected on her time with Trump, often in a positive light, contributing to the complex picture the public has of Donald Trump's private life. Her stories offer insights into Trump's lifestyle and his interactions with people in his social circle, particularly women.

Overall, the relationship between Donald Trump and Rowanne Brewer Lane was another chapter in the long history of Trump's relationships that underscores the public's and media's fascination with his personal life.

Donald Trump's relationship with entrepreneur Kara Young

The relationship between Donald Trump and Kara Young is another interesting chapter in the former US president's complex and much-discussed love story. Kara Young, a successful model and entrepreneur, met Trump in the late 1990s, a time characterised by major changes in Trump's personal and professional life.

Getting to know each other and relationship

Kara Young and Donald Trump met in New York, a center of Trump's business interests and social life. Young, known for her work in the fashion industry and her appearances on the covers of leading magazines, was a prominent figure in New York society. Their relationship began after Trump's marriage to Marla Maples, his second wife, came to an end, coinciding with a period in which Trump's relationships with women were a central theme in the media.

Public interest and the media

As with many of Trump's relationships, the connection with Kara Young attracted considerable public and media attention. The relationship was extensively commented on in the press, with Young's status as a successful model and Trump's reputation as a business magnate and playboy personality making headlines. Despite the public attention, the couple managed to keep many details of their relationship private, leading to a great deal of speculation.

Dynamics and influence

According to reports, Kara Young was one of the few women who had a significant influence on Donald Trump. Her intelligence, success and independence made her a fascinating figure for Trump. During their relationship, Young is said to have influenced Trump in various aspects of his life and supported him during his turbulent period.

End of relationship and aftermath

The exact circumstances that led to the end of the relationship between Kara Young and Donald Trump are not publicly known. Despite the end of their romantic connection, the two remained friendly. Young later spoke publicly about her time with Trump, but always emphasised the private nature of their relationship and avoided commenting on political issues or Trump's presidency.

Meaning and reflection

The relationship with Kara Young fits into the pattern of Donald Trump's relationships with strong and successful women. Young's independence and success in the fashion industry, combined with her ability to exert some influence over Trump, set this relationship apart from some of Trump's other connections.

In retrospect, the relationship between Donald Trump and Kara Young offers insight into a particular phase of his life in which his personal relationships were closely intertwined with his public image and professional career.

Allison Giannini: Another model girlfriend

The relationship between Donald Trump and Allison Giannini falls into the category of less documented episodes in Trump's love life. They met in the late 1990s, after Trump's marriage to Marla Maples had ended and before he met Melania Knauss, who later became his third wife. Allison Giannini was working as a model at the time and represented the type of woman Trump often tended to be in his relationships: successful, flashy and in the spotlight.

Their union was short-lived and was not followed as closely by the media as many of Trump's other relationships. It seems that their encounter was more of a fleeting romance than a deep emotional connection. Giannini herself has described her time with Trump positively, characterising him as a 'perfect gentleman'. She emphasised in interviews after Trump's presidential election that she had not experienced any inappropriate behaviour on his part during their brief relationship.

The relationship with Allison Giannini thus stands as an example of a phase in Trump's life in which he stood between significant relationships and his later marriage to Melania. It was a time of transition and personal development that was characterised by less controversy or public drama than other relationships.

Kylie Bax: A relationship without scandals

The relationship between Donald Trump and Kylie Bax, a model from New Zealand, was one of many that shaped Trump's colorful past. Their acquaintance and short-lived relationship took place in the late 1990s, a time when Trump's relationships with various women were regularly in the headlines.

Kylie Bax, who became internationally known for her work as a model, entered into a series of fleeting encounters with Trump that were more social than deeply romantic in nature. Although their connection did not reach the depth or duration of other Trump relationships, it still attracted attention, partly because of Bax's status in the fashion industry and partly because of Trump's growing prominence as a businessman and later as a TV personality.

In contrast to many of Trump's earlier and later relationships, the relationship with Bax appears to have proceeded without any major public fuss or controversy. In later years, Bax spoke favorably of Trump and defended him against allegations levelled against him in the media. Their relationship, though brief, is another example of Trump's diverse and oft-discussed personal history.

Donald Trump's current wife: Melania Trump

The relationship between Donald Trump and Melania Trump, née Knauss, is in the spotlight like no other in Trump's eventful love life. Their union, which ultimately led to marriage and made Melania First Lady of the United States, is a story characterised by glamour, public attention and political significance.

The beginnings

Melania Knauss, a model from Slovenia, met Donald Trump at a New York Fashion Week party in 1998. Trump, who had separated from his second wife Marla Maples at the time, was immediately intrigued by Melania. Despite the extensive media interest in Trump's previous relationships, the relationship with Melania offered a fresh start. Their public appearance together, coupled with Melania's flamboyant appearance and modeling career, quickly attracted attention.

The development of the relationship

Their relationship developed steadily over the years. Melania officially moved in with Trump at Trump Tower in 2001 and the two got engaged in 2004. Their wedding in 2005 was a magnificent event, attended by numerous celebrities and media personalities. The couple have a son together, Barron William Trump.

Melania as First Lady

With Donald Trump's presidential candidacy and subsequent victory in 2016, Melania stepped into a role that went far beyond what was to be expected from earlier phases of their relationship. As First Lady of the United States, she took on a public role with her own agenda, particularly focused on children and young people. Despite her rather reserved public presence, Melania was often noticed and sometimes criticised for her fashion choices, public appearances and her role within the Trump administration.

The dynamics of their relationship

The relationship between Donald and Melania Trump has often been analysed and is often the subject of speculation, especially in the context of his presidency. While some emphasise the strength of their connection, others speculate about the challenges of life in the political spotlight. However, Melania has been publicly supportive of her husband and has remained by his side throughout his time in office and the controversies that have come with it.

Reflection and meaning

The relationship between Donald and Melania Trump is significant not only because of its duration and the child they share, but also because it was at the centre of public attention during one of the most controversial chapters in American politics. Their story is characterised by the highs and lows of life in the media spotlight, the challenges of politics and the public's enduring fascination with the couple.

Overall, the relationship between Donald and Melania Trump reflects the complex combination of personal life and public interest, intertwined with moments of brilliance and political and personal scrutiny.

Donald Trump's love life is characterised by several significant relationships and marriages that have influenced both his personal life and his public persona.

Trump is known for his active social life and his presence in New York high society, where he met many of his later partners. His love life has received considerable media attention due to his high profile and the celebrity of the women involved. Despite the public nature of many of these relationships, Trump has tried to keep details of his private life private.

Overall, Donald Trump's love life reflects the complexity of his personality and public life, interspersed with relationships that were both the focus of public attention and shed light on personal aspects of his character.

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