Donald Trump starts selling ‘Make America Pray Again’ Bibles

The former President has sparked massive controversy after selling Trump-endorsed Bibles.

Trump's Bibles
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Trump's Bibles

Donald Trump is the king of controversy. Over the years, the businessman and ex-President has sparked rage and admiration in equal measure from observers all over the globe who have followed his highly-publicised life. Now, in the race for the 2024 election, he seems to be making even more press-worthy moves - whether this is on purpose or not, we’ll probably never know.

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Trump has been in headlines over the last few weeks because of his legal troubles: the deadline for him to stump up $454m was on Monday - although it has now been extended. However, he is now back in the news for yet another bizarre decision. This time, it’s his Easter business venture that is causing drama. As ever, everything related to this latest controversy has been posted online. Here’s everything you need to know.

Trump’s announcement

The ex-President posted to his Truth Social platform on Tuesday, 26 March with some surprising news. Ever the businessman, Trump will be selling Bibles this Easter:

Happy Holy Week! Let’s Make America Pray Again. As we lead into Good Friday and Easter, I encourage you to get a copy of the God Bless the USA Bible.

There was also a video, in which Trump explained that he is partnering with musician Lee Greenwood ‘in connection with promoting the God Bless the USA Bible’.

Greenwood is a country singer whose signature song, 'God Bless the USA', is played at Trump’s rallies.

All about Trump’s Bible

The website selling these holy books says that this version of the Bible is the only one endorsed by Trump. However, it also clarifies that the money from the sale of these Bibles - going at a mere $59.99 a pop - will not be going to Trump:

‘ is not political and has nothing to do with any political campaign. is not owned, managed or controlled by Donald J Trump…’

This comes just weeks after Trump announced the launch of his $399 golden sneakers. People online have reacted to the Bible news with varying levels of enthusiasm. One X user, @fulminarey, posted: ‘Love it’ with an emoji of the American flag. Others seem to have a certain grim admiration for Trump's endless hunger for moneymaking. @MeachamDr posted: 'The grift never ends with this guy.'

Another, @tweetfacts2me, quipped: ‘I won’t be happy until he starts selling thesauruses.’ However, some have really taken offence to his latest move, including @SaintLaurant, who raged:

This is hilarious.Wish he'd been asked name one thing he's learned from the Bible, or a favorite scripture. Maybe even how he applies scripture to his daily life. What a sacrilegious person he is.

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Donald Trump: As the former US president keeps losing in court, could he lose all his money? Donald Trump: As the former US president keeps losing in court, could he lose all his money?