Trump: New book claims Melania and Ivanka had disputes over First Lady duties

Melania and Ivanka clashed during Trump’s time as POTUS, the publication claims.

Melania Ivanka alleged feud
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Melania Ivanka alleged feud

A new book is set to create yet more buzz around the Trump family. The publication - entitled American Woman: The Transformation of the Modern First Lady, from Hillary Clinton to Jill Biden - was sent to the New York Post before its official release. The Post has duly exposed an interesting nugget included in the text; apparently Melania and Ivanka locked horns over the role of First Lady.

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Following Trump’s slew of legal issues, his relationship with Melania has been under keen observation. Ivanka is also a media favourite and there were even recent claims that one of the two leading ladies in Trump’s life could save the Trump Organization, given that Donald Trump and his sons were banned from doing business in New York. However, it seems that the two woman may not see eye to eye. Let’s get into their relationship.

Melania stayed in New York

The book alleges that there was an ‘internal power struggle’ for four years between Melania and Ivanka. Melania married Donald Trump at a star-studded wedding in Palm Beach in 2005, while Ivanaka is his daughter from a 13-year marriage with the late Ivana Trump. Step relationships can often be complicated, but when they involve the US President’s family, tensions run especially high.

The book claims that it all started with Melania’s decision to stay in New York after Trump became President. In a bid to protect her and Trump’s son Barron from the limelight, they stayed in their house while Trump moved to The White House in Washington D.C. This allegedly created a void when it came to the position of First Lady, which Ivanka was keen to fill.

Ivanka and Melania’s power struggle

The book, authored by White House Correspondent for The New York Times Katie Rogers, claims Melania spent her time as First Lady ‘bucking expectations’. She gave few interviews, and her appearances by Trump’s side dwindled over time. This has caused a stir lately too, as many believe Melania's absence in her husband's run for office is purposeful.

The book also claims that Melania and Ivanka had nicknames for the other which reveal how they feel about their alleged rival. Melania reportedly called her stepdaughter ‘The Princess’ as their relationship bittered. Ivanka, meanwhile, poked fun at Melania’s typically silent presence with the moniker ‘The Portrait’. Rogers writes that the two women never let their relationship get in the way of their support of Trump.

This is far from the first time that that their feud has drawn media attention. Last year, Stephanie Winston Wolkoff, who was a close friend of Melania's during Donald Trump’s presidential campaign and tenure, exposed what they really thought about one another.

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