Barron Trump’s behaviour changes when with Melania or Donald Trump, says expert

The ex-President’s son was caught on camera when out with his family for an Easter brunch.

Barron Trump’s behaviour with Melania and Donald Trump
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Barron Trump’s behaviour with Melania and Donald Trump

Barron Trump has largely been kept out of the spotlight by his mother, Melania. However, this Easter weekend the teen was seen stepping out with both his mother and father Donald Trump for a meal. The family was also joined by Melania’s father Victor Knavs, who became a widower following the death of Amalija Knavs earlier this year.

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Barron’s movements were captured on videos that were posted online. His behaviour, as he moved around with his parents at his father’s Mar-a-Lago resort, has been analysed by a body language expert. According to Judi James, the 18-year-old displayed noticeably different characteristics when around his father compared to when around his mother. Let’s get into what she said.

Barron Trump confident around his mother

Judi James noted that:

Barron is growing into his height now and his confidence signals are increasing although we can see two different body language states when he accompanies his mother versus when he is with his father.

In case you didn’t know, the ex-President’s son stands a whopping 6'7" tall. At one point, Barron found himself behind his mother and quickly caught up to her. James pointed out that this could show a ‘need to virtually take his father’s place’. Instead of averting eye contact, his eyes ‘scoured’ the people around, marking a shift from the ‘"shy teen" stage of adolescence to the "adult" identification and socialisation with other adults around.’

Barron under pressure around his dad

At one point in the outing, Barron gave a thumbs up to the people he passed, mimicking a signature gesture of his father’s - one that, as James noted, ‘Trump is using increasingly to signal all is fine despite the many court cases he’s having to pick his way through’.

The expert also said that ‘when Barron is with his father, ‘his signals of some awkwardness increase’. She explained:

He might feel under pressure to appear as his father’s main heir-in-waiting but his father’s status and power signals as he works the room seem to make Barron keep his distance a little rather than catching up to make his presence felt as he did with his mother.

However, it is not that Barron simply idolises his father: there was also a moment of embarrassment when Trump did a little dance. James commented:

Trump’s ‘dad dancing’ does seem to bring on a bend of the arms and some clutching movements from Barron’s hands to hint at what could be a small moment of cringe.

It seems that Barron does indeed adopt a different set of behaviours around each parent. It will be interesting to see how this develops as he gets older, and possibly becomes more of a public figure.

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