Donald Trump's son Barron was once heard speaking with a Slovenian accent, here's why

The Trumps regularly make it into the headlines, regardless of the topic. Even when he isn't as scandalous or political as the rest of the family, the youngest son, Barron, doesn't escape the press either.

Donald Trump Barron accent
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Donald Trump Barron accent

Donald and Melania Trump have long tried to offer their youngest 'as normal a life as possible' - away from the cameras that were constantly focused on them, especially during his father's presidency. However, this has not always worked.

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An old video of Barron with a heavy accent resurfaces

In November 2019, Express published an article addressing this video. At the time, Barron Trump was only four years old. This video, recorded for an interview with Larry King shows the child speaking with a 'strong Slovenian accent'.

Larry King of course noticed it and questioned Melania about it, as the child grew up in the United States. The woman responded:

He does. He spends most of the time with me.

When Donald Trump was asked about it, he said he thought it was 'great'. Melania also took the opportunity to add that Barron was already speaking three languages at the time.

In 2016, a book written by Slovenian journalist Bojan Požar titled Melania Trump - The Inside Story: The Potential First Lady talks about Barron and emphasises that the boy almost certainly spoke Slovenian with his aunt.

What about his accent now?

Since the video was released it keeps making the rounds and the question has been raised as to whether the now 17-year-old still speaks English with a Slovenian accent or whether he has outgrown it, so to speak. So far, these interrogations haven't been answered.

Indeed, Barron Trump continues to stay out of the spotlight. In January 2024, some of his classmates have spoken to the US Mirror about what he's truly like. One girl who also attends the private school he goes to in Palm Beach, praised Barron and said:

He's very nice.

However, so far no one has commented on the way he speaks.

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