Donald Trump: The ex-president was a hands-off father throughout Barron's life

Melania Trump has worked hard to preserve her son Barron's privacy throughout his life despite her husband's very public life.

Barron Trump Melania Trump Donald Trump
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Barron Trump Melania Trump Donald Trump

Donald Trump has five children: Eric, Donald Jr. and Ivanka from his marriage to his first wife Ivana Trump, Tiffany Trump - his only daughter from his second marriage - and lastly Barron, his only child with his current wife Melania Trump. Throughout the years, Donald’s parenting style changed, and by the time Barron arrived, Trump was a ‘hands-off’ father.

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The birth of Barron Trump

Melania briefly spoke about her pregnancy during an interview in 2006. She spoke about giving Donald the news and he was surprised and happy. He recalls that he expected the couple to have children but was surprised at how quickly it happened according to The Mirror. Trump admittedly was a distant father which Melania knew and accepted, she hired a full-time nanny to help with childcare and raised Barron quite closely to her and her side of the family. Melania stated:

I don’t expect him to walk down Fifth Avenue with a stroller.

Trump was not present during the birth of his youngest child.

Melania is very protective of her boy

Barron is the only Trump who has been mostly kept out of the limelight, his privacy has always been a priority for Melania who made sure her son was spared the public attention and scrutiny Trump’s other children went through during his presidential run and subsequent legal trouble.

Melania also made sure that Barron grew up in touch with his Eastern European heritage. She made sure he became bilingual to the point of having a Slovenian accent when he spoke English as a young child. He also spent a lot of time with his grandparents and aunt who lives in New York. Despite the very public life she and her husband live, it is quite an achievement for Melania to have kept Barron outside of the public whirlwind constantly surrounding the Trump name.

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