Melania Trump is keeping a distance from husband Donald's 2024 campaign, here's why

Melania Trump wants nothing to do with her husband’s presidential campaign. She has another big priority to focus on, reports reveal. Here is what it is.

Melania Trump is keeping a distance from husband Donald's 2024 campaign reports suggest
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Melania Trump is keeping a distance from husband Donald's 2024 campaign reports suggest

Donald Trump is currently facing multiple criminal charges while also trying to keep his political career afloat but despite insiders claiming that Melania, unlike his daughter Ivanka, would never leave the former President in the time of need, she hasn’t been around much lately.

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While her absence contributes to the divorce rumours, the former polyglot model, who is also reportedly worth millions, doesn’t seem to care much about what people think about her silent attitude towards Donald Trump’s renewed White House bid.

Insiders have opened up about her relationship with her son Barron before, and they claim that he - and not her husband's political ambitions - remains her biggest priority.

Here is what we know.

Is Melania snubbing Donald Trump’s presidential bid?

US media have reported that Melania Trump opted out of the post-White House activities other ex-First Ladies would normally do in favour of supporting her 17-year-old son Barron.

As the teenager is now entering a difficult period where he’ll need to make decisions about his future and apply for colleges, he needs his family more than ever, insiders say.

Melania’s daily life reportedly consists of socialising with a select few - her parents, Barron, and ‘a handful of old friends’ - and taking care of her appearance and well-being by visiting hairdressers and consultations with longtime stylist Herve Pierre.

She reportedly only meets her husband for dinner on Fridays.

Although the former First Lady endorsed Donald Trump’s White House bid when talking to Fox News Digital two months ago and said he had her ‘full support’, she hasn’t been seen attending any events to show she is keen to regain her previous role.

But even if Melania Trump joins the campaign later on, she is likely to keep it low-key which is more in harmony with her personality, insiders predict.

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Melania Trump chooses privacy once again

Multiple insider accounts suggest that Melania Trump remains her husband’s most loyal and transparent adviser.

And while she doesn’t resent the opportunity to return to the White House, she ‘has been through a lot’ and ‘came out a strong independent woman’ and therefore earned her right to do it on her terms.

Kellyanne Conway, a longtime Trump adviser who is also close with Melania Trump, said:

I know few people as comfortable in their skin as Melania Trump. She knows who she is and keeps her priorities in check. Melania keeps them guessing, and they keep guessing wrong.

Barron Trump, who is enrolled in a private school in West Palm Beach and is beginning to look at colleges in New York this year, reportedly remains close to his mum who is very involved in his education and well-being, which would hardly be possibly under constant media scrutiny.

And while Melania continues endorsing charities, she declines interview requests and stays out of the public eye as much as she can.

The latter includes court appearances, the current campaign trail and any attempts on monetizing on the former role, such as speeches and book deals.

Kate Andersen Brower, the author of ‘First Women: The Grace and Power of America’s Modern First Ladies’ said about Melania Trump choosing privacy once again:

That’s exactly how she likes it. She’s the most obviously unknowable first lady. There’s something radical about it. First ladies are expected to want to please people and I’m not sure she really cares.

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