Donald Trump's hush money case is putting the spotlight on marriage with Melania

A lot has been said about Donald Trump and Melania Trump’s marriage. However, his recent hush money case has shed light on a very unique aspect of their relationship.

Donald Trump Melania Trump court hearing Stormy Daniels Madeleine Westerhout details about their marriage
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Donald Trump Melania Trump court hearing Stormy Daniels Madeleine Westerhout details about their marriage

Donald Trump is currently facing one of the biggest trials of his life that not only puts his career in jeopardy but also potentially his marriage. Allegedly, Trump had an affair with adult film star Stormy Daniels and is accused of falsifying business records to cover up the $130,000 payment to her made by his former lawyer, Michael Cohen. The payments were made to keep the affair silent before the 2016 elections.

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The allegations first went public in 2018 and Melania was quick to take a step back from their planned trip abroad, reports Vanity Fair. Ever since then, a lot has been reported about their relationship amidst the Stormy Daniels chaos. However, Trump’s executive assistant from 2017 to 2019 - Madeleine Westerhout - has revealed different things about their relationship.

Rare details of Donald Trump and Melania's marriage revealed in court

Madeleine Westerhout took to the witness stand to give a testimony at his hush money trial last week and revealed that the case or allegations ‘didn’t seem to affect their relationship.’ According to The Express, Madeleine insisted that the two share a beautiful relationship and Trump truly cares about Melania’s opinion. She said:

I believe they have a relationship of mutual respect. I just found their relationship really special. He cares a lot about her opinion. There was no one else who could put him in his place.

This comes after Trump’s family missed being in court for his trial. Describing their ‘special relationship’ Madeleine claimed that Melania ‘wore the trousers’ in their relationship despite Trump being the president of the country. She shared:

He was my boss but she was definitely the one in charge. I remember thinking their relationship was really special.

The two have been married since 2005. However, their love story began long before their marriage. Reports suggest Trump first met Melania in September 1998, two years after the Slovenia native moved to the U.S. to pursue a modelling career. They met during a New York Fashion Week party in Manhattan and Trump instantly asked for her number.

Melania - who may want her husband to testify in court - refused to give her number as Trump was already on a date with someone else. However, she did take his number and ended up calling him a couple of days later, reports US Weekly. The two have been together since then. Trump popped the question in April 2004 at the Met Gala and they got married a year later at the Apprentice alum’s Mar-a-Lago resort.

Madeleine's testimony highlights the sweet nature of Trump and Melania's relationship as she revealed that Trump would often call his wife from the Oval Office to wave at her. She recalled:

I could figure out he was on the phone with Mrs Trump. He would say, 'Honey, come over to the window'. He would say, 'Come to the window' and (they would) wave to each other.

The former assistant added that Trump also had a habit of ‘checking in’ with Melania whenever he departed or was running late. She added:

He once in a while would tell me to call her and let her know [he] was running late, just like any other marriage.
She (Melania) would text me 'It's past dinner time, when's my husband coming home? '.

Despite so many years together and having a child, Barron Trump, the two often appeared to be in a playful mood and shared plenty of laughs with each other. Madeleine recounted:

They laughed a lot when she came into the Oval Office.

The most unique detail of their marriage revealed

While Madeleine painted a beautiful picture of Trump and Melania’s relationship in the court, his alleged former lover - Stormy Daniels - has entirely something else to say. Taking on the stand during last week’s trial, Stormy spoke casually and cracked jokes about her early life, as per The Express. The adult star - whose real name is Stephanie Clifford - claimed that Trump and Melania do not share a bed.

In discussing her night with Trump, Stormy revealed that the GOP presidential candidate revealed to her:

We don't sleep in the same room.

Stormy shared her version of several private moments and personal information between her and Trump. According to The Express, she testified that she accepted Trump’s invitation because she wanted to get out of a planned dinner with her adult film company colleagues. She added that she had a ‘very brief’ conversation with Trump about his wife. Reportedly, Trump even compared Stormy to his daughter and said:

You remind me of my daughter because she’s smart, blonde, and beautiful and people underestimate her.

Meanwhile, Trump has denied any wrongdoing in the hush money trial that has put him under threat. The 77-year-old has pleaded not guilty to 34 charges and branded the case a political ‘witch hunt.’

Donald Trump and Melania’s relationship explained by body language expert

Over the years, with all the allegations against Trump, Melania's public stance has also changed considerably. Body language guru Judi James claimed that when she first appeared in the limelight as the First Lady, she ‘involved some very low-key and low-status posing.’

Judi told The Express that Trump was ‘the star of the show’ and Melania’s only focus was to ‘look immaculate and beautiful.’ However, as Melania gained popularity, there has been a ‘turning point’ in their relationship. Judi said:

[She finally] saw herself as a fully-fledged FLOTUS with popularity and status in her own right.
Instead of shadowing her husband, spontaneous waves and direct connections to her audience suggest growing confidence and a growing lack of wariness about upstaging Trump.

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