Donald Trump: New campaign video urging people to vote is going viral for all the wrong reasons

Donald Trump recently released a video urging his fans to vote for him. However, it’s not his appeal to vote that people noticed but a rather unique thing in the video...

Donald Trump new viral election campaign video spitting and faomy saliva
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Donald Trump new viral election campaign video spitting and faomy saliva

Donald Trump’s six-week-long Stormy Daniels hush money trial case ended last week as he was found guilty of 34 class E felonies. A decision on whether or not the former POTUS would serve jail time is still up in the air. Regardless, the 77-year-old has dived back into promoting this campaign and is urging people to vote for him.

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His agenda for a second term is partially similar to those he promised in 2016, however, his passion and conviction to win the elections is brand new. After he was found guilty in the hush money trial, he insisted that his ‘revenge’ would be winning the elections this year. The potential future President also received a whopping $53 million in donations for his political campaign.

Donald Trump’s new video urging people to vote

Trump then released a new campaign video urging his supporters to vote for him by any means. The presumptive Republican nominee asked his supporters to vote in ‘any possible way’ including mail-in ballots and casting absentee - forms of voting he has previously opposed and attacked as ‘corrupt.’

Trump said in the video:

Many Republicans like to vote on Election Day and we must swamp the radical Democrats with massive turnout on Tuesday, November 5.
The way you win is to swamp them. But if you can't make it, you need to make a plan, register and vote any way possible. We got to get your vote.

This comes after a Trump supporter released around 100 vulgar balloons slamming all the judges and prosecutors involved in multiple Trump indictments.

Why are people talking about Trump’s recent campaign video?

The video is gaining traction online like never before and it’s not for what you’d think. People are noticing and criticising the video not for WHAT he has said in it but for HOW he said it. PatriotTakes, which monitors right-wing media, caught two of the moments from the video that became its highlight. In the first, Trump can be seen spitting saliva while urging people to vote and in the second there’s actual froth around his mouth, reports Newsweek.

Posting the video on their X (formerly Twitter) account, PatriotTakes wrote for the first video:

Trump spitting while telling his followers to vote for him. Instead of reshooting the video, his campaign just ran with it.

And for the second video:

Trump also struggled with foamy saliva during his video. Trump just plowed through it. His campaign chose not to reshoot the video. Foamy saliva can be a sign of health issues.

Many users flocked to the comment section to express their disgust over the video and wrote:

This guy is clearly not well.
frothy saliva is a rare symptom; when you see it, you should be concerned and immediately send for medical assistance
Dark Brandon should demand that both candidates must take a rabies test before the debate

Meanwhile, one user quoted a medical article that read:

foaming or frothing at the mouth occurs when excess saliva pools in the mouth or lungs and mixes with air. Causes include drug overdose, seizures, pulmonary edema, and rabies. It is usually a medical emergency.

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