Donald Trump: US professor states that the former President is 'criminally insane'

Donald Trump is a person who polarises. One of his critics is US professor Sarah Churchwell. Let's just say, the 77-year-old and the literary scholar are unlikely to become friends, at least in this lifetime.

US professor attack Donald Trump former president guilty insane
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US professor attack Donald Trump former president guilty insane

Some of Donald Trump's statements and his behaviour are likely to irritate some more than others. For example, he recently compared himself to Mother Teresa or made rather questionable comments about his daughters. Sarah Churchwell, a professor at the University of London, is not mincing her words at a panel discussion and tells those present what she thinks of both Trump and Biden.

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'Trump is criminally insane'

As the Independent reported a few days ago, Sarah Churchwell was a guest at the Hay Festival, an annual literary festival held in Wales. Part of the festival was a panel discussion held on the candidates for this year's US presidency. The scholar explains that she is struggling to warm to 77-year-old Donald Trump and even seems shocked that a possible new presidency under him is even on the table:

Trump is criminally insane and it makes me feel insane that we are having a debate about whether this man should be leader of the United States. It is so clearly delusional.
Trump literally said two weeks ago that Hannibal Lecter was a great guy. And he said wind turbines were wiping out the whale population. His brain is rotting in front of us.

Alyssa Farah Griffin, a former White House staffer during Trump's presidency, made similar comments about his supporters a few weeks ago. According to Newsweek, she said the following in an interview with CNN:

I do think he doesn't have core policy viewpoints. I don't know that I think he has a strong moral compass in any manner, really, but he is drawn to personalities, and he's drawn to people who he likes the way they speak, he likes that's the way they lead, and they present.
And again, that is why he likes strongmen. He praises Xi [Jinping], he praises Kim Jong-un, he sees them as strong leaders who challenge their people and try to rule with an iron fist. That does resonate with him.

She doesn't say a bad word about Joe Biden

Joe Biden, on the other hand, seems to get support from Sarah Churchwell, even if his health is also the subject of discussion and rumours. She does not consider the 81-year-old to be senile by any means, whereas Trump is definitely 'dangerous'.

After Trump was found guilty by the jury in his hush-money trial, the academic couldn't resist taking a little jab at him on X as well. She writes:

My current favorite part is that as a convicted felon in Florida Trump can't vote for himself.

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