Donald Trump: Prisons allegedly preparing to house the former President, here's where he could go

After Donald Trump’s conviction in Stormy Daniels’ hush-money trial there’s a possibility that he may serve prison time as famous US prison, Rikers Island, is allegedly preparing to welcome him.

Donald Trump potential jail time Rikers Island Jail prepared movie-mogul Harvey Weinstein as inmate
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Donald Trump potential jail time Rikers Island Jail prepared movie-mogul Harvey Weinstein as inmate

After Donald Trump's historic conviction in May 2024, it remained undecided whether or not the former President could eventually serve jail time. However, US legal experts now feel that the 77-year-old may be jailed.

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This comes as Trump was found guilty of 34 class E felony counts over falsifying business records to make hush payments to former porn star Stormy Daniels. Those payments were made in an attempt to hide his extramarital affair with her. According to Forbes 'each of the 34 counts' for which the 45th President was found guilty 'is punishable by a fine of up to $5,000 per offense and/or up to four years in prison'.

US legal experts previously argued that he could receive probation or home confinement, however, their stance has recently changed. This also comes after he received $53 million in donations after his guilty verdict.

Donald Trump could potentially go to Rikers Island jail

According to Mirror, experts now feel that prison is a possibility for the former POTUS. Prison bosses are understood to be preparing to house Donald Trump if he is sentenced to jail. The sentence is set to be revealed on July 11. Many legal experts believe that falsification of business records typically does not result in jail time, however, Trump’s case is anything but typical. The number of guilty verdicts and his ongoing attacks on Judge Juan Merchan, who will decide his sentence next month, may very well backfire for the GOP candidate.

If Trump - whose recent video urging people to vote went viral for all the wrong reasons - faces more than one year of jail time he will have to serve it in a penal facility, as per the New York law. However, if it’s less than a year it will be served in a correctional facility, such as the notorious Rikers Island jail, in the Bronx. A source told the Mirror:

Possible locations where Trump would be held were looked at when he continually broke his gag order and the trial judge threatened him with jail.
The two locations that could ensure his safety are Riker’s west facility and Bellevue’s 19th floor, run by the corrections department.

Donald Trump’s fellow inmates could include Harvey Weinstein

Rikers Island jail’s VIP west facility detains the most high-profile inmates such as former Trump Organization CFO Allen Weisselberg. The detainees are given their own cells away from other locked-up people. New York City's Democratic mayor, Eric Adams revealed that if Trump were to be incarcerated both Rikers Island jail and the Department of Corrections are ‘ready’ to accommodate him. Should he be put in Rikers Island jail, the US Secret Service is expected to provide protection for him under federal law, reports Mirror.

His inmates would also include former movie mogul Harvey Weinstein. Weinstein is currently serving jail time in Rikers Island. He was moved back to the infamous prison in May 2024 after claims that his Bellevue Hospital stay in Manhattan was a rather lavish affair, confirms The Independent. His publicist confirmed he had been moved to Rikers due to the pressure created by the media over his hospital stay. Trump and Weinstein are expected to be in the same wing of the prison which deals with high-profile inmates. Another alternative is a private room inside Bellevue Hospital Prison Ward on a floor away from all other detainees. This was also used to house Harvey Weinstein at one point.

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