Donald Trump faces new nightmare as allegations of his racist behaviour on The Apprentice resurface

Donald Trump is facing new allegations of racism as a former producer and contestant of The Apprentice reveals he used racist slurs for people of colour.

Donald Trump racist allegations The Apprentice former contestant Gene Folkes former producer Bill Pruitt
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Donald Trump racist allegations The Apprentice former contestant Gene Folkes former producer Bill Pruitt

After being found guilty in the Stormy Daniels’ hush-money case which could make him face international travel restrictions as well, his new campaign video urging people to vote for him went viral. The video gained traction online as Trump could be seen spitting while speaking in the video and foam is formed around his mouth.

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While it had only been a day from his last blow, a new scandal awaits him now. According to The Associated Press (AP News), a former contestant of the reality TV show The Apprentice has claimed that Trump used racist slurs for black contestants on the show.

What are the new racist allegations against Donald Trump?

The Apprentice revolved around ambitious candidates competing for a full-time job with Donald Trump. The hit reality-TV show launched Trump’s political career but it looks like it could also put an end to it. Former contestant Gene Folkes has alleged that the 77-year-old used racially insensitive words when he was fired from the show in 2010.

Allegations from a former The Apprentice contestant

Folkes also said that he got a cease-and-desist letter from NBC barring him from speaking publicly about his experience. Revealing his experience with the former POTUS now, he shared the moment when Trump made the racially insensitive remark. Folkes elaborated that he was commiserating with a crew member inside a bar of Trump Tower just after getting fired from the show. The crew member, a black woman, consoled him when Trump appeared and suggested that the two would make a good couple since they have the ‘same background’. Folkes said:

He came up and he asked me: ‘Is this your woman? Because you two would make a really great couple, you both have the same background.

The crew member reminded him that she worked for him to which Trump nonchalantly replied and walked off. He said:

It’s not like I used the N-word.

Allegations from a former The Apprentice producer

Apart from Folkes, a former producer Bill Pruitt has claimed that Trump used the n-word to describe a Black contestant named Kwame Jackson, reports The Guardian. Pruitt wrote a long essay - The Donald Trump I Saw on The Apprentice - for online magazine Slate where he described how the producers were able to con the viewers on Trump’s personality. He recalled how Trump used a racial epithet to reject the prospect of a black winner on the first season of the show. Pruitt spoke about the incident recently after his NDA with the network ended.

Reportedly, the show winner was supposed to be Kwame Jackson, a broker who worked for Goldman Sachs. He had been the most impressive candidate on the show and handled everything perfectly. However, when it came to crowning him as the winner Trump allegedly said:

Would America buy a [N-word] winning?

Eventually, the other contestant Bill Rancic ended up winning the show.

What does Donald Trump have to say about these allegations?

While Trump faces the heat of these new and old allegations, his spokesperson has denied the claims vehemently. They have labelled Folkes' claims as ‘completely fabricated accusations’ that had already been debunked in 2016 - when he first ran for office. As for Pruitt’s claims, his campaign denied the allegations. Steven Cheung, Trump’s campaign spokesman, wrote on X ‘Prove it,’ before adding that President Joe Biden’s allies were peddling the story.

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