Stormy Daniels: Everything you need to know about the woman who could send Donald Trump to jail

She is now almost as famous as Donald Trump himself: Stormy Daniels had a brief fling with the ex-president in 2006. Now his entanglement with her is being looked at in court...

Stormy Daniels actress Donald Trump jail trial
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Stormy Daniels actress Donald Trump jail trial

TW: mentions of sexual abuse

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Stormy Daniels has made a name for herself in the adult entertainment industry in the past. She is now famous as the woman who could put Donald Trump behind bars. This is because her fling with the now 77-year-old was reportedly followed by hush money payments and illegal business dealings - for which the former President now has to answer. But what else is known about the woman?

Stormy Daniels had a difficult childhood

Stormy Daniels, whose real name is Stephanie Clifford, was born in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. As she describes in her autobiography Full Disclosure, published in 2018, her childhood was anything but easy. According to her, alcohol and illegal substances played a role at home, and a neighbour sexually abused her for two years, starting when she was only nine.

Wanting to free herself from this toxic environment, Stephanie eventually went to high school and started earning extra money in strip clubs.

From porn actress to entrepreneur

The blonde finally made her first adult film at the age of 21. She also gave herself the name Stormy Daniels, in reference to two things that shaped her life - hard music and hard alcohol: Stormy after Motley Crüe bassist Nikki Sixx's daughter Storm and Daniels in reference to Jack Daniel's.

She was soon to be found behind the camera more often than in front of it. Stormy Daniels made a career for herself as a director - and this is how the fateful meeting with Donald Trump came about. He had allegedly promised her that she would be allowed to take part in his show The Apprentice. Instead, after a long conversation, they had what was described as 'unexciting two-minute sex'.

As an entrepreneur, she now also sells a whole range of Stormy Daniels merchandise. The Trump trial has even led to a significant increase in demand, as the 45-year-old recently announced via X. On her website you can purchase a calendar of the woman as well as T-shirts and even a bracelet branded with the words 'Team Stormy'.

Stormy Daniels has got a daughter

For the American actress, however, it's not just her career that counts. On the one hand, she emphasized several times that she hoped Donald Trump, who was at the time of the affair married to his current wife Melania, would finally be 'punished for all the bad things' he had done.

On the other hand, the blonde is above all a family person. Her life is 'pretty chaotic', which is reflected in the fact that she is currently married for the fourth time.

Nevertheless, family is very important to her. Daniels has a daughter from her third marriage - and for her sake, she decided not to take part in Big Brother UK.

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