Donald Trump: The former President loses longterm spokesperson Liz Harrington

Donald Trump’s longtime spokesperson has left his campaign.

Donald Trump spokesperson
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Donald Trump spokesperson

Donald Trump is known for being someone who causes controversy wherever he goes. His wife, Melania, works hard to keep their son Barron as far from this drama as possible. On the work side of things, Trump has a whole team who try and manage his public image. Given his tendency for inappropriate behaviour, we imagine they have their work cut out for them.

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We recently reported on the bans faced by Trump and his sons when it comes to doing business in New York. Now, the former POTUS is dealing with a major change in his entourage. His chief spokesperson, Liz Harrington, has finally left his campaign after 4 years. Here’s everything you need to know.

Who is Liz Harrington?

Harrington has long been a Trump supporter and has even been very vocal about her support of his wild election fraud claims. This was not her first gig as a representative as she previously worked as a Republican National Committee spokesperson. Prior to that she was a journalist, working for the conservative political website Washington Free Beacon.

Harrington had been quiet on X, where she used to regularly interact with content, for several weeks when users started to notice her absence. They asked Trump’s campaign what was happening, and when she would be back. One user, @WhaleCityQLD, asked:

Where is LizHarrington? Anyone?

Harrington has left Trump’s team

Harrington has left her position as chief spokesperson, a source confirmed to Newsweek on Wednesday. The Trump ally joined his entourage in 2021, replacing Jason Miller, and called the opportunity ‘an honour of a lifetime’.

Although she has been called a ‘polarising figure in Trump’s orbit’, it is understood that she is ‘liked’ by the former POTUS himself. In 2021, Trump mentioned his fierce supporter in a statement. He said:

Liz Harrington is a fighter. She was an important part of our receiving more votes than any incumbent President in U.S. history, far more than we received the first time we won.

Users on X have commented on her departure, with one called @86royalewcheese asking:

So LizHarrington has left the maga circus. How long until [Trump] starts blaming her for all the ills that plague his orbit?

Sometimes, when a person leaves a position working for Trump, we get a snip of information about what happens inside his organisation. This former advisor recently spilled the beans about what he alleges Trump said about dictators in private. Time will tell if this happens with Harrington. For now, the reason for Harrington leaving Trump's team is yet to be revealed.

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