Donald Trump loses popular support as his former lawyer gives him stark warning

Over the weekend of 9 and 10 September 2023, Donald Trump got badly booed while attending an event. Not only that, his former lawyer is giving him a strong warning…

Donald Trump is given stark warning from former lawyer as he loses popular support
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Donald Trump is given stark warning from former lawyer as he loses popular support

Amid multiple legal battles, former president Donald Trump is still finding time to campaign for the 2024 presidential election. On Sunday 10 September, Donald Trump was in Iowa and attended an American football game.

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Footage of Trump at the game shows him being vehemently booed by the crowd. This is a surprise as Iowa is a red state which Trump largely won in the 2020 election. Another blow for him as he hopes to go back to the White House after the 2024 election.

Also standing in his way to the Oval Office is the preparation for his numerous trials. Judge Tanya Chutkan already warned him that she would be ‘paying attention’ to his social media outbursts but now, even his own legal team is trying to stop Trump from testifying at his own trial.

Donald Trump is the leader of the GOP… maybe not for much longer

As it currently stands, Donald Trump is the leader of the Republican Party. He tops all the polls therefore making him the candidate that will go against Joe Biden in the 2024 presidential election.

However, Donald Trump could fall down from this top position as several legal issues are now standing in his way. At the end of August, it was announced that one trial would happen in March 2024, right in the middle of the primary elections. Later on, at the beginning of September, another trial was set for January 2024 which is the time of predilection for primary campaigning.

Now, even though it seemed like these legal issues were helping his popularity, the football game on 10 September seems to indicate otherwise. Iowa is a state which is supposed to be an easy state for Trump but it is still where he got strongly booed. Could this be the start of a shift in Trump's support?

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Donald Trump: to speak or not to speak

Since Donald Trump entered the political landscape, he has been known, and liked, for his ‘honest’ social media and public outbursts. However, this could now become a problem.

On 29 August, during a hearing to set a court date, Donald Trump and his legal team were warned that any outburst or statement would be closely monitored. Judge Tanya Chutkan said that she would be ‘watching carefully for anything that might affect that jury pool or poison that jury pool.’

Now, it is revealed by Harvard professor Alan Dershowitz, who defended Trump in 2020, that his lawyers will speak him out of testifying during his own trials.

My prediction is he will not testify, I think his lawyers will talk him out of it.

According to him, the issue with Trump testifying doesn’t lie in what he would say when interrogated by his attorney but what would happen during cross examination by the prosecution.

They could go through everything he's ever said and challenge his credibility in that way.

The decision to take the stand doesn’t have to be made immediately and will likely depend on how the trials are going. But one thing is for sure, Donald Trump now has to choose his words in and out of court carefully…

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