Donald Trump once painted the US flag incorrectly during a presidential visit

Donald Trump's rhetoric and gestures are always good for a headline. Despite being found guilty in court, the former US president is continuing his presidential campaign and he doesn't seem to have a single good thing to say about his opponents. But he is not perfect either.

Donald Trump colour flag wrong mistake president visit official
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Donald Trump colour flag wrong mistake president visit official

He can attract attention like no other. Donald Trump has always been able to capture people's interest, even long before he became the US President. Throughout his life, the man has made some strange comments about his opponent, his ex-wives and even his daughters Ivanka and Tiffany. Not only are his words worth paying attention too but so are his actions. For instance, during a visit to a kindergarten in 2018, then-President in office, had no mercy for the American flag who ... well changed. Here's what happened.

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The US flag is a national symbol

Americans love their flag, as you can even tell from the country's anthem, The Star-Spangled Banner, which alludes to this emblem. In fact, all citizens know the tricolored emblem, which dates back to 1777, inside and out.

13 stripes, alternating the colours red and white, plus 50 white stars on a blue background at the top left - this is how we all know the national flag of the United States. However, it seems like that's not what it looks like for Donald Trump.

Donald Trump painted his own flag

While he was President, Trump visited a kindergarten in Ohio in 2018. And in keeping with his status, everyone present was asked to colour the flag. The 45th President of the United States also eagerly took up the pencils. For Trump, however, this took on comical proportions. Indeed, his colouring was not right.

He created his own Trump flag. The difference to the real one: alternating red and white stripes - but putting a blue one in fourth place. The whole thing was published by the then US Secretary of Health and Human Services Alex Azar, i.e. by a public authority.

Signs of dementia or intentional?

Was this incident in 2018 the first sign of emerging cognitive weakness? As we are now a few years later and because his bizarre behaviour has increased considerably in recent years, people are wondering. Recently, his actions in court lead one psychologist to speculate about Trump's alleged dementia. The specialist explained that 'his condition (was) deteriorating faster and faster.' It also doesn't make things better that, the 77-year-old, who was on trial in New York regularly seemed to fall asleep during court proceedings.

That being said; maybe the new colour scheme was intentional. Some media speculated on the possibility after the 'incident' six years ago. The blue line could stand for the Thin Blue Line flag. In the USA, this is seen as the line between chaos and order, which is represented by the police and security forces. Some argued at the time that it was not Trump's colouring at all, but that of one of the children present, but the videos speak against this. Even now, the whole thing remains a mystery...

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