Donald Trump lost in the Bushes as the presidential candidate’s health is brought back in spotlight

On Monday 25 September, Donald Trump gave a confused speech which brought his health back into the spotlight.

Donald Trump’s health back in the spotlight as he makes bizarre and confused speech
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Donald Trump’s health back in the spotlight as he makes bizarre and confused speech

Donald Trump lost to Joe Biden in 2020. While he refuses to concede this loss he is currently trying to win back the Oval Office. His campaign is full of ambush as the former president is dealing with many legal issues however he still manages to lead the polls and appear as the natural Republican candidate.

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On Monday 25 September, during a campaign stop in North Carolina, Trump worried supporters and onlookers by giving a very confused speech in which he mixes up different members of the Bush family. This fumble brings back the debate around Trump’s health.

Donald Trump is confused

Huff Post reports that on Monday 25 September, presidential candidate Donald Trump confused Florida Governor Jeb Bush with either his brother President George W Bush or his father George W H Bush.

It appears that Trump thought Jeb Bush had served as president and was the one responsible for getting the US involved in a war in the Middle East.

Trump’s 2024 campaign raises health question

Donald Trump is 77. Because of this many are questioning Trump’s ability to be cognitively and physically able to run a country. These worries aren’t just coming from Trump’s opposition. People are wondering the same thing about President Joe Biden who is 80.

Since launching his 2024 presidential campaign, Donald Trump has made several confused appearances and statements. It is reported that earlier in September 2023, Trump said he beat Barack Obama in 2016 but that he also warned of the upcoming ‘World War II’. He also stated that Americans need an ID to buy bread. All things untrue.

Trump has always received a clean bill of health

Trump’s health is something that has often caused a lot of ink to spill. Indeed, the former president himself often brags about his fitness. Trump also likes to say that Biden is far from healthy.

Yahoo Finance writes Ronny Jackson, who was Trump’s physician, said that the former president is in great health. The only problem with Jackson’s assessment of Trump’s health is the fact that the physician is overdoing it.

In 2018 already he said that Trump’s health was ‘very, very good’ even ‘excellent’. Adding:

He was in great shape. I put him on the treadmill and did a cardiac stress test on him. He knocked it out of the water. I mean, he was in the top 10% of everyone his age.

Jackson’s enthusiasm and possible exaggeration didn’t stop there. He once said that Trump could be expected to live up to 200 saying:

He has incredibly good genes, and it's just the way God made him

Jackson’s assessment of Trump’s physical and cognitive health is challenged by HuffPost which reports that the mental acuity test Trump claims to have taken is actually not that at all. Instead it is a test to check for ‘mental cognitive impairments’ to flag ‘early signs of dementia.’

Donald Trump’s health will continue to have people talk (and write) as the former President continues to make mistakes during campaign rallies.

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