Donald Trump's latest blunder has people questioning his mental health: 'It’s official.. His life is an illusion'

Yet another memorable speech from Donald Trump who this time bragged about a serial killer supporting him.

Donald Trump Hannibal Lecter
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Donald Trump Hannibal Lecter

Donald Trump, former President of the United States, is a constant source of controversy and interrogation. Whether he’s in the spotlight for his legal issues or his political choices, Donald Trump fascinates.

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Currently campaigning for the 2024 presidential race, Trump was at a rally on 8 October. However, while these events are usually used by politicians to share their political agenda, Donald Trump always seems to make his speeches about something else.

In his latest speech, Trump decided to talk about Silence of the Lambs and claim the support of Hannibal Lecter…

Donald Trump’s speech

During his Iowa rally Donald Trump talked about immigration and other issues that are at the core of his political agenda. In his speech Trump said that people coming to America were out of ‘insane asylums’ and that is why he is against open border policies.

That point then led the former leader of the free world to go on rant about Silence of the Lambs, the 1991 film in which we follow Hannibal Lecter, a serial killer, who helps an FBI agent in order to arrest another criminal.

Hannibal Lecter is a huge figure of pop culture and so is Silence of the Lambs, so we do understand that it was in Trump’s brain. However, Lecter is a serial killer known to be a cannibal so we are quite surprised that Trump would use a political speech to claim that Lecter supports him.

Rest assured, Trump didn’t actually mean that a serial killer supports him. Indeed, Trump thought that Hannibal Lecter was the name of the actor portraying the character in Silence.

He said:

Hannibal Lecter, how great an actor was he?

Trump then continued his speech claiming that Lecter, the actor, supports him.

You know why I like him? Because he said on television on one of the – ‘I love Donald Trump.’ So I love him. I love him. I love him. He said that a long time ago and once he said that, he was in my camp, I was in his camp. I don’t care if he was the worst actor, I’d say he was great to me.

However, since Trump did his speech, it was pointed out by HuffPost that Anthony Hopkins, the actual actor Trump was talking about, had never expressed support for him. Moreover, Hopkins told The Guardian that he doesn’t care about Trump.

Another confusion for Trump

Trump's weekly rallies now have become synonymous with Trump behaving strangely. We have already reported that the 45th President confused members of the Bush family, that he claimed Biden was leading the world into World War II and that he hates sharks.

This new blunder is just another one we can add to the long list of confusing statements Trump has been making while on the campaign trail. This new incident once again had people wondering about Trump’s health and mental abilities.

For instance on X some commented:

Speaking at his Iowa rally moments ago, Trump explained to his audience why he liked Hannibal Lecter. I'm not making that up. A few claps, but you could also sense confusion. And these are people who are confused most of the time.
There are tiny signs that he's losing his magic.
It’s official.. His life is an illusion ..He needs to get back on the illusionary space ship that transported him here 🤷‍♀️

While Trump claims his health is in top shape, how many more mistakes like this can he make without compromising his shot at winning the Oval Office?

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