Donald Trump: The Republican mistakes Obama for Biden for third time in past six months

The ability of 81-year-old Joe Biden is constantly being discussed in the US election campaign. But Donald Trump also makes verbal blunders from time to time.

Donald Trump Biden
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Donald Trump Biden

Even within his own party, there are doubts as to whether Joe Biden is really the best choice for one of the most demanding jobs in the world.

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According to the Independent, the Democrat provides his critics with plenty of fodder: he regularly gets tangled up in public appearances, searches for words, mixes up numbers and sometimes confuses places or people.

Biden's age is a hot topic

Biden could dismiss the whole thing as a nasty political campaign by his opponent, who is trying to portray him as a senile old man - if it weren't for his falling approval ratings. According to The Guardian, the President can by no means be certain of re-election.

In fact, the age difference between Trump and Biden is not that wide. At 77, the likely Republican presidential candidate is no longer one of the youngest politicians either.

Age difference between Trump and Biden

Moroever, Trump has also been caught in moments of confusion: he once mistakenly referred to Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban as the Turkish head of state. And now the 77-year-old former President has made another mistake during a Republican election campaign appearance.

According to n-tv, Trump confused former US President Barack Obama with Joe Biden - and the audience, which is actually always extremely enthusiastic, suddenly fell silent afterwards, n-tv continues. Here's what Trump said:

Putin has so little respect for Obama that he starts threatening to use nuclear weapons. You've heard it. Nuclear. He's starting to talk about nuclear weapons today.

It wouldn't be so bad if Trump wasn't constantly mocking the mental state of his 81-year-old opponent. Both politicians are already at an advanced age and repeatedly make such blunders. It is also not the first time Trump has confused Obama with Biden—this is his third time in the last six months, according to The Guardian.

Current surveys indicate a close race between Trump and Biden. According to a poll conducted by TheNew York Times on Saturday, Trump was ahead of the Democrat. According to n-tv, 73% of registered voters surveyed also believe that Biden is too old to be president.

Historical example

Having a very old president at the head of a country does not always have negative consequences in the USA. One example of this is Ronald Reagan: the 40th president of the USA is regarded by most Americans as one of the outstanding incumbents.

However, according to the NZZ, it has almost been forgotten that in the 1984 election campaign, when Reagan was running for a second term, he was mainly confronted with questions about his age - he was 73 at the time. His rival Mondale was 56. Despite that, Reagan is known to have won the election with a clear victory.

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