Gun violence in the US: Armed man open fires in a hospital in Oklahoma

Nearly a week after the shooting in Texas, a hospital was targeted by a lone gunman. The gunman allegedly murdered several people before killing himself.

Tragedy strikes as Gunman kills 5 in a hospital in Oklahoma
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Tragedy strikes as Gunman kills 5 in a hospital in Oklahoma

On Wednesday 1 June in the United States, a gunman broke into a hospital in Oklahoma before shooting bystanders and medical staff. As reported by Le Monde, the gunman reportedly killed himself after the shooting.

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Gunman shoots in Oklahoma Hospital

Tulsa Police Department tweeted that the responsible forces have taken charge of the incident and are investigating it thoroughly. The incident took place on Wednesday when an unidentified man went to St. Francis Health System Hospital. According to Reuters, the shooting took place in the Natalie building of the hospital. The perpetrator targeted the area near the doctor’s office which also had an orthopaedic centre in the vicinity.

Armed with a rifle, the man killed four people. As per ABC News Tulsa Police Captain, Richard Meulenberg was one of the people who responded to the incident, he said that it turned into ‘an active shooter situation’. The police discovered multiple gunshot victims upon entering the premises. Meulenberg told the ABC News:

Officers immediately rushed to the second floor where the shooting was taking place, when they got there they found a few people had been shot, a couple were dead at that time.
We also found at that time who [we] believe and still believe to [be] the shooter because he had a long rifle and a pistol with him.

The identity of the suspected shooter has not been confirmed however, the man appeared to be 35 to 40 years old.

Gun violence in the USA

Unfortunately, this is not the first time such an incident happened. This devastating scene echoes the one experienced on 24 May by the residents of Uvalde, Texas. A boy, barely 18 years old, burst into a school in the town and shot 19 children and 2 teachers in cold blood. The terrible death toll was 21. This new bloodbath has plunged America into yet another war between pro-gun and anti-gun opposition groups.

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