Joe Biden vs. Donald Trump: Cosmetic surgeon speculates who has gotten more procedures

Amidst claims about the ages of both Donald Trump and Joe Biden as the next president of the USA, a Hollywood plastic surgeon has revealed who had more procedures done over the years.

Donald Trump, Joe Biden cosmetic procedures plastic surgeries
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Donald Trump, Joe Biden cosmetic procedures plastic surgeries

While Joe Biden has been targeted over his age and health multiple times during his attempt to seek a second presidential term, Donald Trump is not any younger either. As the former POTUS turned 78 last month, an actuary predicted who could live longer, Trump or Biden. Trump is also often targeted for his health for instance, a recent video of him urging people to vote for him raised many questions about his health.

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However, despite these concerns, the top two presidential candidates appear to look ‘decent’ for their day and age. Many people have claimed that they have gotten cosmetic procedures done and a Hollywood plastic surgeon Dr. Gary Motykie has analyzed who he thinks has had more procedures done.

Joe Biden has got more cosmetic procedures done

According to the top Beverly Hills surgeon, Joe Biden appears to have had more cosmetic surgery than rival Donald Trump. Dr. Motykie told MailOnline, that the former president appears to age more ‘naturally’ than Biden. The analysis came after Biden’s disastrous debate performance last week renewed focus on his advanced age, now also visible in his physical appearance.

Dr. Motykie, who runs a medical spa in West Hollywood favored by celebrities, claims that Biden has undergone many cosmetic procedures to reverse the effects of aging and spent $160,000 approximately on multiple facelifts over the years. The 81-year-old also shows signs of eye lift and brow work. Dr. Motykie said:

It's interesting because I think he's [Biden] had more work than Trump. For sure.

Talking about the tell-tale signs of Biden’s face life, he added:

You can see it if you look at his neckline near his ears. Those are signs he's probably had one or two facelifts. He's also had upper and lower eyelid surgery because you can see that changing.
Biden's brow has an unnatural expression to it. In men that usually isn't done but about 20 years ago people did brow lifts.

He explained how celebs like Burt Reynolds or Kenny Rogers had brow lifts similar to that of Biden.

What cosmetic procedures has Donald Trump got done?

According to Dr. Motykie, Trump has mostly undergone hair reconstruction surgery leaving his neck and jawline all natural. His estimates reveal he spent around $100,000 on cosmetic procedures. The doctor shared:

Trump battled with his hair for a while and I do think he's had multiple hair restoration surgeries.
Throughout the years you can see it changing and the way his hair parts and flows suggests he is trying to disguise it. I am suspicious he had an older technique done 30 years or more ago.

He explained that the older hair restoration techniques come with some scarring which is why Trump’s hair often looks funny. Previously, Trump’s ex-wife Ivana has also confirmed in 1990 that he underwent scalp reduction surgery the previous year. Clarifying the accusations about Trump’s tanned orange look, Dr. Motykie claims that his famously orange skin color is due to tanners and makeup. He said:

I think his skin tone is mostly self-tanner and makeup. I don't know why he picks that color though it's become his signature move.

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MailOnline: Hollywood plastic surgeon reveals Trump and Biden's secret cosmetic procedures over the years - and which candidate is aging more 'naturally'

Donald Trump makes claim that Joe Biden is ‘quitting the race’ in leaked video Donald Trump makes claim that Joe Biden is ‘quitting the race’ in leaked video