Cambridge children: Can George, Charlotte, and Louis really lead a 'regular life' in their new school?

As the Cambridge kids are ready to join their new schools pretending to lead a regular kid's life, it may not entirely be as true as it appears.

Can the Royal Family kids really lead a regular life?
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Can the Royal Family kids really lead a regular life?

Education for the Royal Family has changed a lot in the previous few decades and it all started with Princess Diana. She was the first Royal Family member to give her kids an education in public schools instead of being home-schooled like the previous generations of royals.

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The new face of Lambrook School

However, the question is how regular and public is the public education for the Royal Family kids? The new school is expected to have many changes like armed royal officers, electric gates, and more now that the Cambridge kids are entering Lambrook. This has left the parents worried about the atmosphere and vibe of the school, reports Mirror. A mum told the publication:

A lot of parents are p***ed off. They’re worried the feel and atmosphere of the school will change with all the security.
Many of us worry things like the carol service will now become more formal and won’t be the sweet, laid-back affair they usually are.
Cambridge Kids Karwai Tang

Moreover, now that the Royal kids would be getting a regular education in a public school, the school will definitely not remain the same. The mum added:

Parents are picturing armed police in trees and in the corridors – they don’t want their kids witnessing it.
There are no electric gates, but that may change with the royal kids coming. It’ll no longer be so easy to come and go.

Although the Royal Family claims to be wanting to give their kids a regular education, it’s really not that easy. No other school in the country has this level of security and protection as well as the threat.

Not what people want

Their new school is currently facing a backlash because of the Royal kids’ admission and parents may have a point. In their previous school—Thomas's Battersea, South West London—armed royal officers were present for both Prince George and Princess Charlotte.

Cambridge kids with Kate Middleton Max Mumby

Further, in 2018 a man was found guilty of plotting a terror attack on the school, while a woman caused a major security scare in 2017 when she took a stroll in the school after a gate was left open. Clearly, these incidents have put Lambrook school kids at risk too. The mum confessed:

It’s certainly not the same school and vibe we signed the kids up for, and most parents I’ve spoken to feel the same.

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