Prince George: Insider suggests Oundle School has joined the list of places the royal could study

Prince George turned 10 in July 2023 which means he will soon be attending secondary school. As he is the heir to the throne, his parents are under pressure to find the right fit.

Prince George Oundle School Kate Middleton Prince William
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Prince George Oundle School Kate Middleton Prince William

It seems like yesterday that Prince George was born and yet, somehow, headlines are talking about him attending secondary school. For the past few months, the choice Prince William and Kate Middleton will make has been the source of speculation.

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Now, in February 2024, sources are once again suggesting a school which the young Prince could attend: Oundle School in the East Midlands. The reputable school is put against Kate’s former school, Marlborough and Prince William’s Eton.

Why Oundle School?

The education of a future king is nothing if not serious. Indeed, though so far the Prince and Princess of Wales have worked hard to keep things simple for their children, the older they get the more is expected of them.

As the heir to the throne, it is understood that Prince George will be receiving both a standard education and a royal education. Since the world saw him play a special role during his grandfather’s coronation, many have wondered how the child is coping with the knowledge that he will one day be on the throne.

However, before that happens Prince George needs to be educated. In 2023, the family was seen visiting Eton, where both Princes William and Harry went. They were also seen at the Princess’ old school Marlborough but reports now claim that a third school has made it top of the list.

On their website, Oundle School seems like the perfect place for a young Prince. Indeed, it is written:

We encourage aspiration and abhor arrogance, nurturing open minds, authentic self-belief and a sense of service.

Moreover, the school aligns with interests of both King Charles and Prince William such as ‘environmental sustainability’. Oundle School is both a boarding and day school but it might be fair to assume that Prince George would be a boarding student as the school isn’t near Windsor where the Waleses reside.

Another asset of Oundle School is the fact that it is open to both boys and girls. Indeed Eton is a boy’s school which seems too traditional for the Prince and Princess of Wales. Moreover, Oundle School is cheaper than Kate Middleton’s old school Marlborough. The yearly tuition is reported to be around £35,000 while Marlborough is around £47,000. However, as Prince George continues to age, Oundle School’s fees will also increase.

Prince William and Kate Middleton’s education values

The education of their three children is something Prince William and Kate Middleton care deeply about. Indeed, through the years the couple have demonstrated how much attention they bring to it.

In July 2023, People reported that Prince George was aware of his regal destiny. However, according to sources, the Waleses were making sure that it wasn’t ‘too burdensome’.

In 2016, Prince William himself talked to the BBC about his son’s future. He said:

Right now, it’s just a case of keeping a secure, stable environment around him and showing as much love as I can.

An insider told People in July 2023, that the couple’s desire to ensure a normal childhood for their three children was a ‘balancing act’. The anonymous source continued:

William and Kate are doing the right thing, protecting him so he can have as normal a childhood as possible, but he's also dipping into duties as a future monarch.
He’s getting firsthand experience of what it’s like to be a royal and a monarch and firsthand experience of being a normal boy.

The insider alleged that this approach the parenting was due to Princess Catherine’s own childhood away from royal duties.

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