Princess Diana's death: Unheard testimonies to be revealed in new documentary

Princess Diana’s death and the internet conspiracy theories that followed were one of the first-ever viral internet sensations and this documentary might put an end to them.

Princess Diana’s death uncovered in this new documentary
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Princess Diana’s death uncovered in this new documentary

Princess Diana died in a car accident in Paris on August 31. This year would mark 25 years of her death in that tragic car accident, but what’s different about this year is the Channel 4 documentary - Investigating Diana: Death In Paris – which will look at the tragedy of her death and conspiracy theories that it brought up.

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The documentary

Detectives who probed Princess Diana’s death will speak up for the first time - officers from Met Police and the French Brigade Criminelle appear in this documentary. The documentary will go over how the car crash happened in the Pont de l’Alma tunnel and killed Princess Diana along with her lover Dodi Fayed, reports The Sun.

Henry Singer, the executive producer, said:

We hope it will lay to rest the conspiracy theories.

The two official investigations into Princess Diana's death will be covered in this new series which is in collaboration with Discovery+. The four-part documentary, which is directed by Will Jessop and Barnaby Pell, will speak to the top French and British investigators who investigated the incident in real life, to distinguish fact from fiction. Many of these people have never spoken in public before.

Princess Diana and Prince Charles, Harry and William Tom Wargacki

HBO documentary

Apart from Channel 4’s documentary uncovering Princess Diana’s death – HBO is also releasing a new documentary – The Princess – on August 13. This one will include scenes from the famous BBC Panorama interview that was secured through unethical ways, confirms Page Six. However, Prince Harry and Prince William stand divided on the usage of the said interview.

Prince William believes that the interview should be locked away in the vaults of the BBC and never be used again, while Prince Harry urges it should not be erased from history. A palace source confirmed:

This is something that came together in the wrong way, but in the end, it is still part of Diana’s story.

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