Princess Beatrice: Royal Family fails to publicly wish her on her birthday, this could be why

The Royal Family reportedly snubbed Princess Beatrice’s birthday last year and there are many reasons why the Royal Family would do that.

Royal Family fails to publicly wish birthday to another royal
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Royal Family fails to publicly wish birthday to another royal

The Queen failed to publicly wish Meghan Markle on her birthday this year, while Prince William, Prince Charles, Kate Middleton and Camilla did make social media posts for the Duchess. However, it looks like the Royal Family failed to wish Princess Beatrice a public happy birthday last year, although they all wished Meghan Markle on her birthday.

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No birthday wishes

Princess Beatrice is celebrating her 34th birthday today and like last year, no Royal Family social media account has wished her a happy birthday, confirms Despite highlighting Team GB's victory at the Tokyo Olympics on social media, Kate and Prince William failed to wish Beatrice a happy birthday.

The royal birthday was also not mentioned on the official websites of Camilla, Prince Charles, or Queen Elizabeth II. It contrasted with the celebration of Meghan Markle's 40th birthday last year just four days prior, when she was showered with congratulations by her European royal family.

This had left fans wondering why a non-working royal like Meghan Markle was wished by the Queen herself last year and not her own granddaughter. A fan took to Twitter and wrote:

Also, no love from @RoyalFamily but another certain non-working royal who is not a granddaughter of the monarch got a HBD post.
Royal Family Max Mumby

Possible reasons

While the Royal Family's official accounts failed to wish Princess Beatrice publicly, fans quickly pointed out the possible reason. It could’ve been because they might have wished her privately rather than through social media. A fan commented:

Maybe because they can talk in person? Don’t have to do it via media!

While another defended the royal family:

Think it’s because they are closer to Her Majesty and no need to let uncle Tom Cobley and all know of their birthday wishes.
Do you tell your brother you wished your aunt a happy birthday?

Another possible reason for not wishing Princess Beatrice publicly could be similar to why Meghan Markle was also not wished publicly this year. That is, the palace may be adopting a new social media strategy where non-working Royal Family members are only publicly wished on birthdays ending with zero. Daily Express Royal correspondent Richard Palmer earlier confirmed:

It is thought the Queen congratulated Meghan privately yesterday but her official website neglected to mention her birthday after deciding it will only mark the birthdays of non-working members of the family when they end in a zero.

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