Horrible wedgie from tight denim shorts sends woman to the hospital

25-year-old Samantha was sent to the hospital after enduring a wedgie that lasted for eight hours!

Wedgie girl
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Wedgie girl

Denim may look truly fabulous, but it’s not the easiest or most comfortable material to sport—especially if you don’t have hundreds of pounds to spend on high quality jeans. Wearing a pair of denim shorts or pants that don’t fit you right or hug you too tight can lead to chafing in all sorts of intimate areas of your body, including the inside of your thighs and even in the crack in your buttocks.

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For the sake of fashion and convenience, many choose to tolerate the intense burning and itching sensation they feel but that’s definitely not the right option. And no one knows that better than 25-year-old Samantha.

Wedgie girl

Sam, who also calls herself wedgie girl on TikTok, recently shared a story about how she contracted two painful conditions after wearing tight, high cut denim shorts on a date. The first was cellulitis, which is an agonising skin infection and the second was sepsis—which is when the body overreacts to an infection by attacking its own tissues and organs.

In her video, she said she had a wedgie that lasted for 8 hours during a date, and after which her butt was sore for days. She then began feeling unusually sick, went to see the doctor and they gave her medication for the infection on her butt. She added:

Next day, feeling awful. Can’t walk so go to the ER and insist I’m in the worst stabbing pain.
Gets admitted to the hospital and doc says I have sepsis and cellulitis.

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Serious situation

The situation got even worse as the doctors told Sam that they may have to cut off the part of her butt that got infected. She told Buzzfeed:

They admitted me to the ICU, and that's when I realised this was a bit more serious than I had anticipated. I was in the ICU for almost four days, where the doctors were debating debridement surgery (basically, cutting off the part of my butt that was infected).

Fortunately, Sam made a full recovery and did not have to undergo that procedure. The cellulitis did however come back after a month, but it was treated with antibiotics.

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