Woman spends 54 years with something unusual stuck in her eye after doctors didn't believe her

Domi, a Spanish woman, felt pain in one of her eyes after a silly accident. But the various specialists she consulted did not believe her.

This woman had something unusual stuck in her eye for 54 years
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This woman had something unusual stuck in her eye for 54 years

While many people have a phobia of losing their teeth, others are terrified about something happening to their eyes. And this is totally understandable, even more so with our story today.

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Unfortunately, some people are unlucky and end up suffering terribly, sometimes for years. There are those who suffer from glaucomas, and then there is also the story of a 21-year-old man who fell asleep with his contact lenses in and had his eye eaten by a flesh-eating bacteria.

Domi spent 54 years with a stone in her eye

Today, we are going to talk about another case revealed by the New York Post. It all starts with Domi, a Spanish woman, who had to live for 54 years with a stone stuck in her eye. The now 62-year-old told her story to the New York Post, saying she has been seen by more than 20 doctors over the course of 54 years, all of whom allegedly treated her as if she were crazy.

The specialists said they could not find the cause of Domi's pain. In fact, Domi had a stone in her eye, which had been stuck there since an unfortunate accident that happened in 1965. On that day, the 8-year-old girl was playing with a garden hoe in the garden. She hit a rock, which exploded and projected small stones everywhere, including in her eye, immediately causing important bleeding. The doctor she consulted at the time apparently minimized the facts, and Domi's pain.

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Her ordeal ended in 2019

The next doctors Domi saw didn't do any better: one allegedly questioned her sanity, and others talked about a possible cyst. But Domi knew all along that it was a piece of rock from when she was a child. She told the New York Post:

Each one analyzed the report of the previous doctor and acted based on that. I used to leave their office in tears.

Her ordeal finally ended in 2019, after an operation during which the pebble was removed. A relief followed by legal action against the health service that had mistreated her:

It was then that I filed a complaint and took the appropriate legal action.

Domi has obviously won her case and has been awarded $97,000 in compensation.

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Doctors couldn't believe what they pulled out of this woman's eye Doctors couldn't believe what they pulled out of this woman's eye