Woman who was dead for 90 minutes says she visited the 'realm' of the afterlife, here’s what it was like

It will be Halloween soon, and this woman’s experience of death is sure to have you asking yourself a few questions…

Woman dead 90 minutes afterlife
Woman dead 90 minutes afterlife

Most of us have wondered what it is like to die. But, generally, we manage to push this concern to the back of our minds so that we can crack on with day-to-day life. Well, that’s easier said than done if you have actually experienced death… and come back to life to tell the tale.

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That’s what happened to Cherie Aimée. Her tragic story involves cancer, remission, and then a shock cardiac arrest. Thankfully, there was a happy ending: she came back to life, and with a whole fresh perspective on all that it had to offer her.

Aimée’s battle with cancer

Aimée was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s lymphoma in 2008. The treatment that followed - four intensive rounds of chemotherapy - had an ‘extreme’ impact on her body. Yet, after three months, she went into remission.

In an interview for Beautiful Humans, Aimée explained that she ‘was happy to be cancer free’:

I felt I had just been given a whole new perspective on life and I was excited to begin a whole new chapter of my existence.

However, in April 2010, tragedy struck again: Aimée suffered a cardiac arrest. During an interview on Megyn Kelly Today, she explained:

The doctors were rushed in, they immediately performed CPR.
Within the first five, ten minutes they were unsuccessful and were ready to call my time of death.

However, one doctor wanted to continue, and the team carried on with the chest compressions for over 90 minutes with no success. She was rushed to New York Presbyterian Columbia hospital where she underwent open heart surgery.

Aimée’s experience of another ‘realm’

Aimée claims she ‘knew’ she had died:

I knew I was somewhere else. I knew I had died instantaneously, when I flatlined I immediately crossed over into this other realm and I remember my body just floating in like this white space and I felt as light as a feather. I felt free.

When Kelly asked if she felt panic when she realised she was dead, Aimée stated that her reaction was more along the lines of : ‘Wow, this is so beautiful’.

She claims she - or her soul - transitioned ‘gracefully’:

I was completely in another realm. I actually felt connected to my family on the other side and I felt connected to the heavens.

When asked whether she believes in reincarnation, she explains that she sees it more as ‘different realities and dimensions’:

Because what I experienced in the afterlife was more multi-dimensional than sequential; it wasn’t linear.
I do not believe the soul dies.

Her experience taught her the importance of forgiveness ‘to free your soul’, as well as ‘to keep your heart open’. Lastly, she says it urged her to take her life back into her own hands:

Forgiveness, keeping my heart open, and taking my power back is how I’ve been able to expand my soul into freedom consistently every single day. It’s a daily practice, and if you’re willing to put that time in, you will live a life of heaven on earth.

This is her advice for the living, and for those grieving the loss of a loved one, she urges them to figure out who they are without that special person:

In the end, it’s not the loved ones you’re grieving, what you’re really grieving is the loss of who you were with that person in your life. You’re not grieving that soul. So, the question is: who are you now without that loved one physically in your life?

In working this out, Aimée claims, you will free the soul of the deceased.

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